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Paul Hatfield Jr


This instructor is GREAT!!

Hassan doesn't waste any time. He gets right to the point and makes subjects easy to understand.

I HIGHLY recommend this instructor and this course!

Mark Domke


Wow! I'm 100% done and it feels like I have a very good handle on IIS. His course design is great (starts off with overview, and progresses into more complicated subjects). This course is perfect for the busy admin that wants a very good foundation, without time wasted on watching things load etc. Good editing!

Rafael Ruales


This course is great, I don't know why any one would give it less than 5 stars. Real good one if you are at any level really, I support web apps running in IIS at my work and I learned good stuff here.

Erick Sevilla


I can tell the creator has put a lot of effort to improve the content based on student's feedback, so far this is exactly what I was looking for. I have a sysadmin background and I wanted to understand the IIS web server role from basic to more advanced tasks. Great job, keep it up!

UPDATE -- This has actually helped me a lot professionally, even though I hadn't managed IIS before, I recently got asked a lot of questions on the subject, by following this course along with my virtual lab I was able to understand and answer most of them! I am really thankful to the instructor for creating this.

Codeator Academy


very very good course go from video to another without feeling the time.

also the instructor is very responsive he answer after few minutes he even response to questions in Facebook messenger and help me a lot guiding me to manage my online server and gave me good advises

he also ready to help by himself by accessing my server by team viewer to fix my problems .

thanks a lot Hassan

Abishek D


Hassan is awesome! Very well explained, to the point. What's more outstanding is he provides individual assistance when needed. He is very open to adding additional topics if requested. Best instructor so far on udemy!

Duale Mohamed


Very precise courses with alot of exercices from real world deplyoment and test. excellent job from the instructor.

Christos Voulkidis


Τhe course covers the expectations. The instructor is very helpful. He answers the questions on time and if there is a need he tests amd gives you the answer.