How I Moved from 1K to 10K $ in 18 Months working Online! (case study)

10K $ per month case study

Hi Friends.????

Today, I want to share with you my own experience in online business. And how I moved From 1k$ to 10k$ per month in less than two years (~ 18 Months).

First of all, I will share the top 5 strategies to work online and build a real online business.

Those strategies allow you to make excellent and stable revenue monthly. Here we are:

  1. Content creation
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelancing
  4. Saas services and apps.
  5. Online shop.

???? 1. Content creation: 

You can create anything like Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, online Courses, social media posts, e-books, podcasts, webinars, images, anything! and then earn money by selling the contentmonetizing with Ads, or sponsoring other companies or even use as lead magnets or promotion for your paid services. (I will explain this in detail later)

???? Example 1: Creating a blog and writing about something that you know and love.

????Question: How to make money online with a Blog?

Here comes the important question, how to make money from my blog?

Mainly, we have three methods to make money online from Blog writing content. The first one is:

1. Make money promoting your other premium services.

Simply, a Blog Article or post can be one of your primary sources to get new customers and get more sales by promoting your paid services related to the article a person is reading.

Example: if you open now this article “How to Land your emails in inbox (The Ultimate Guide)” you will notice that Iam promoting my premium courses within the article. In my case, the article is getting me more sales. So Simple!

Or simply look at the right widgets, you will see some ads to my other services and courses.

2. Make money by monetizing your blog with Ads.

The second method to make money with your blog is to publish Ads. This method is one of the most popular. It can be Ads managed by Ad Networks like Google Adsense or Or Maybe Selling Ad Spaces Manually or using companies like BuysellAds.

If you are using Google Adsense or similar networks to monetize, you have to know that your blog content and topics are the main factors for increasing your revenue.

As an example, a blog about Food or Gaming will have much less revenue than blogs talking about digital marketing or insurance companies.

If you go now to H-supertools free keyword tool and search for this keyword: “learning cooking,” you will see the following results:

The CPC (cost per click is 1.35$)

While if you search for “Email Marketing companies“, you will see the following:

The CPC (cost per click is 18.55$) which is much more higher than the first keyword.

So, if you are writing articles about email marketing, the type of ads published will get you much more revenue than writing about food or gaming.

Check Also: Google Adsense New Online Business Idea [2020]: Make Money Without Publishing Content!

If you want to see this in action and see some tips to increase your Google Adsense Revenue, check this video:

3. Make money promoting affiliate products.

I will talk about this in deep when I go over affiliate marketing. but in short, you can also earn money from your blog by linking to affiliate products and earn commissions on each referral.

????Question: how do we get traffic?

Mainly, we get traffic using the following methods:

1. SEO: by ranking your website and your posts on the top of search engines. So you can get free and organic traffic.

2. YouTube, which is one of the best sources of traffic. You create videos about your content and link back to your website. (I will talk about youtube in the next example)

3. Forums, search for forums related to your content and help others by sharing what u know and link to your website (DON'T SPAM). Also, don't forget, Reddit, which is a great place to get free traffic.

Now, In my case, I started my own Forum and this helped me get more traffic by letting people ask questions on my own forum.

4. Quora Q&A, this is one of the fastest methods to get traffic. It's by answering questions on Quora and linking back to your site.

( I do get thousands of views on Quora every month from my answers. It works)

My Quora Profile

Check this video to see how I to use Quora and get the more traffic from it:

5. Social media, if u have some followers on Facebook, maybe Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, all these helps u to get traffic, (you can automate posting on all platforms using a social media management software, I do use Content Studio. you can get Lifetime access with this special offer here)

6. Free e-books and courses, you can create small free ebooks and publish on free ebooks sites like to get traffic or publish free courses on udemy, which has millions of students out there and link back to your site. (if you have followed any of my free courses on Udemy, then you may have noticed that)

Also, Iam working now on Two New e-books:

  1. Make Money Online Ultimate Guide.
  2. The Power of Emails.

If you would like to get these free e-books when they are published, you can join my newsletter here and join over 17000 subscribers receiving exclusive tips and tutorials almost once a week. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

7. Slideshare, a website where you can share a small set of slides (presentation) and link back to your site.

8. Paid Ads. Also, you can run paid ads on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Quora, or any native ads platform to drive traffic to your website and grow your audience. I did a small case study like one year ago and showed how 20$ made me 500$ with one campaign, you can check it here:

9. Email Marketing, always make sure to build your email lists, which will be one of the top sources of traffic for your websites by sending newsletters to your Subscribers. Check how do I send my Newsletters and get up to 56% open rates step by step, in this video:

Also, If you would like to see How do I get traffic to my sites and how I generate more than 150K views per month on my three main websites (H-educate, My Blog, and H-supertools), check this video: How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Top 7 Free and Fast sources)

get traffic h-educate
H-supertools Traffic (Google Analytics)

???? Example 2: starting a YouTube channel

Creating video content about something you love and you know about. Then when you reach 1K subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, you can monetize your channel with ads and earn from 1 to 20$ or more per 1k views. Depending on your audience and your target keywords.

????Question: how to grow your YouTube channel?

In general, there are two ways to grow your channel.

1. YouTube suggestions: where YouTube will start suggesting your videos on the top of other popular videos.

Ex: you pick a trending video or topic and you create a similar High-Quality Video, and optimize the metadata (Title, Thumbnail, Description, and Tags)

My Video Suggested on Top of other videos

2. Video SEO: which is ranking your videos on top of YouTube search results by optimizing your title, and metadata for a specific keyword. you can use tools like TubebuddyVidiq, H-supertools, and others to grow your channel.

My Videos Rank on Top of YouTube for certain keywords.

If you would like to see exactly how do I rank my videos on top of Youtube, You can check the following video: Free YouTube keyword research Tool to grow your channel fast in 2020

???? Example 3, creating online courses

If you love to share your knowledge and teach others what you know, you can create online courses on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or even your own academy using Teachable or Thinkific, which is a great opportunity today to make money online. (I do make 6K per month only from udemy), see this live in the following video:

So you can be an online instructor and teach what you love.

These are three examples of content creation that I think it's the most popular today.

Now, what's nice is that you can use content creation as a marketing tool for affiliate which is our second method in making money online.

???? 2. Affiliate marketing:

It’s one of the most popular methods to make money online, why?

Simply because you will be promoting only! How?

You will promote products and services for other people so you are not required to create services or buy products. Just promote, share, refer, and earn commissions.

????Example 1: Amazon affiliate program.

You can join this program and start promoting any product in amazon and you will get a commission on each sale referred by you.

Don’t forget that you can combine content creation with affiliate by sharing referrals and affiliate links on your YouTube channel, blog, ebooks, courses and this will help you drive more traffic and referrals to the products and obviously making more money.

???? Example 2: Recurring Commission.

Another perfect example of affiliate marketing is to join services that pay monthly recurring commissions on each customer you refer, a good example is Clickfunnels which will pay you a monthly commission for each customer or user signs up using your own referral link.

Think about it! It's really a great option.

✅ Create a blog post, or a video on youtube about Clickfunnels, rank your content, refer people, and earn money!

???? Check Also, How I stared making 500$ passive income per month on Envato affiliate program in only 3 months case study in this video:

???? 3. Freelancing: 

This method requires 0$ and No time. It requires only your skills! Any Skill!

Here you will provide any service online. Any skills like writing, translation, transcribing, digital marketing, graphic design, logos… any skill you have, you can provide as a freelancer online.

You publish your services on websites like fiverrupworkfreelancer, and when someone asks for your services, you will do it. So no need to do anything, just wait for a client.

Here it's important to give great service because you will grow and become more popular depending on the reviews.

Later on, if you have some followers or audience, you can run your own website and sell your services on, as I do on my services website. So you will earn all the money without losing commissions.

Now, someone may ask, are there any services that I can provide without any prior knowledge to start with as a beginner?

Short answer, YES ????

There are some services that don't require any skill, and you can start with as a beginner, you can check it here in this video:

5 Fiverr Gigs that require no skills & Zero-Knowledge | Make Money Online Today!

Or you can watch directly here:

???? 4. Providing SAAS services and apps.

????Question: What is SAAS?

Software as a service or SAAS is an online application (a web application) that you provide to people in exchange for a monthly membership.

A simple example: Netflix, you pay monthly to use their service.

Another example, Semrush, you pay monthly to use the SEO services provided by them.

So this is SAAS. Now you may tell me, “Iam, not a programmer ????, I dont have any web application, I can’t afford to hire a developer! what can I do??

Don’t worry ????, today, you can buy a full saas service from websites like codecanyon for 30 – 60$ and host on a server and provide the service.

And this is what I explained in detail and showed how I ran one of my SAAS Services ( URL shortener)that I bought from Codecanyon a couple of months ago and today I have more than 250 customers.

You can check the detailed video here if you like:

How to start an online business from home for beginners | SAAS Example

Or watch Now:

???? The hard part here is not the application. But promoting it! ????????????

Especially if you dont have any follower base, you will need to run paid ads in order to promote the service. I explained in detail how you can promote a service even if you dont have any follower base in this video:

But this is really great business.

???? Simple calculations :

100 customers for 10$ per month= 1K $ ????

And imagine how much you can make if you grow more. Or if your service price was a bit higher.

If you are a developer, you can build your own membership saas site. It's up to you anyway.

I do run 2 services, as I will explain in a minute when I share with you my whole online business and how do I make money.

???? 5. Online store.

This may require some investment and more time and work. As you will need to build your online store, buy products, promote, and then you will see results.

Here you have an option to go with dropshipping or Amazon FBA where you buy products online from Aliexpress as an example and sell on Amazon. This is a great option today where you will not worry about stock, delivery, and other stuff.

An online store may also be a digital store like selling courses, software, ebooks, or any digital stuff. Just see what fits you and go with it.

????‍♂️My 3 years journey online. (My Case study)

My Kids ????

I started the real work online 3 years ago (in 2017). Where I published some courses on udemy, that day, like everyone starting Online, I had no followers ????, I had no website, or a channel or anything.

I just published my courses and waited for udemy to promote the courses for me. My monthly revenue for that period was like 200-300$. Not bad, ha????

The next year, I decided to start my website, and add some content, but like anybody else starting a new website, I GOT NO TRAFFIC!

A couple of months later, I decided to start my YouTube channel, and this was an important change in my work online, my videos started to rank after I followed the Video SEO tips I mentioned before. And I started getting traffic on my site from YouTube, I built my email lists and started growing.

Then I started answering questions on Quora, to get more traffic. this was really very important, I mentioned that in the video I shared earlier here.

After one year, (2019) this is the results:

  • ~1.2K $ monthly revenue from Udemy.
  • ~5K subscribers on Youtube with around 500$ monthly revenue from Google Adsense.
  • ~3K visits per month on my website.
  • ~3k followers on Facebook
  • ~5K email subscribers.

Then I decided to build free tools and use as a lead magnet to grow my lists and drive more traffic.

And that’s what happened I created multiple marketing tools, You can find on my website, I created more YouTube videos, more articles, and after 1 year (today in 2020)

Here are the results:

  • ~6k $ monthly revenue on Udmey.
  • ~24k subs on youtube with 1500$ monthly revenue (From Ads).
  • ~25k email subscriber.
  • ~more than 15K visits per month on my main site
  • ~ I run a saas service with around 250 users
  • lunched H-supertools (free digital marketing, tools platform) with more than 150K visits monthly, and more than 22K users monetized with ads.
  • I do provide services on my own site (H-educate)

Now, Developing my own academy with Thinkifik to sell my new courses.

Off course. This is not to show off!! It's a motivation that you can also do it with a little hard work and patience.

Good luck everyone.

I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions 🙂

Don't forget to join me on YouTube and subscribe to get my new videos almost every day.

And if you feel that this article may help or motivate any of your friends, please share! ????

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