18 Best PLR Websites to Get Free & Paid PLR Articles

How many times have you underestimated the power of content creation? If you wish to find the success mantra of online business, you would always hear “content is the king.” PLR websites offer tons of PLR products that are ready to publish on your blog.

Creating content on a regular basis is essential if you want to make a living on the Internet. However, it is also true that most of us don't have enough time to focus on creating content.

Hereby you need to invest a fortune in hiring freelancers to write or edit eBooks, and posts for your online business. Even if you write an article or book by yourself, you will end up wasting your precious time.

Here the best PLR websites come to assist you by offering ready-to-publish eBooks and articles with secured licenses. You can quickly download hundreds of pre-built eBooks from these sites and use them for your benefit.

What are PLR Websites: And Why You Should Consider

PLR, short for Private Label Rights, means you can claim full ownership of the product and do whatever you want with it. For example, you can put your name on it and sell it as your own product, or add it to a membership site. You can even give it away for free!

PLR products are digital products that give you the right to edit, change or modify them however you need. The PLR content can be software, value-packed articles, eBooks, online course videos, etc. You can download these items from the top PLR websites.

Best PLR Websites

The primary reason why you should use PLR products is because of the affordability and convenience. Anyone can claim the intellectual property rights for PLR products and use them for any purpose.

You can also sell these PLR products and keep all the cash inside your pocket. Moreover, you don't have to invest your time in creating articles and pdfs.

I will cover the top PLR websites of 2022 and quickly give you the pros and cons of each so you can decide on where to get the best PLR products.

Here are some of the best PLR sites:

  • InDigitalWorks
  • BuyQualityPLR
  • PLRMines
  • Super-Resell
  • Unstoppable PLR
  • MasterResellRights
  • Resell Rights Weekly
  • PLR Madness
  • PLR Blowout
  • Exclusive Niches
  • PLR.me
  • DownloadPLRProducts
  • Master PLR
  • Health and Wellness PLR
  • PLR Assassin
  • PLR Products
  • Ultimate PLR Fire Sale

Now let's study them in detail.

1. InDigitalWorks

InDigitalWorks is a leading PLR membership website that was established in 2008. As of now, it has more than 100,000 members from around the globe. The platform aims to deliver thousands of high-quality digital products for online businesses in every single niche possible.


InDigitalWorks features hundreds of ready-to-be-sold digital products that you can sell right away. By offering ebooks, software, templates, graphics, and videos, it is among the best PLR sites.


  • 3 Months access – $39
  • 1 Year access – $69
  • Lifetime access – $79


  • IndigitalWorks enables you to download 200 PLR products for free
  • It is the world's largest and most reputable PLR membership sites
  • You will get more than 20000 digital products
  • It gives you 137 training videos to help beginners set up and grow their online presence in every single step.
  • Users will get 10 GB of web hosting space on a reliable server


  • There have been fewer cases where users didn't get the right support.

2. BuyQualityPLR

BuyQualityPLR.com is one of the top PLR websites of 2022. The platform is the main source for major Internet Marketing Products and Resources. If you are an affiliate marketer, product creator, or course seller, BuyQualityPLR.com can help you achieve your goals.

Buy Quality PLR Websites

You will find top-class eBooks and a series of digital products in the Fitness and Health niche. You also get options to choose from a range of Security-based PLR Series.

If you are looking for digital products, Resell Rights Products, Private Label Rights Products, BuyQualityPLR appears among the best PLR websites.


  • Free PLR articles packs start from 0$
  • Premium PLR articles start from $27.00
  • PLR articles in random niches start from $3.99 to $90.99


  • All the PLR content you got from this website is written by Professionals.
  • It offers quick download features.
  • It does not provide any membership. You can choose to buy any item individually.
  • It offers thousands of PLR content from various niches
  • Get valuable courses


  • You can't buy all the content because it doesn't offer membership.

3. PLRMines

PLRMines is a leading membership site offering supreme quality digital PLR products. It provides useful information on products that you can use to grow your business. 

PLR Mines

Additionally, the platform provides private label rights or resells rights licenses that you can flip and sell to your valuable audience.

However, you can get unlimited access to all the PLR products, either through paid membership or free membership. With the latest and high-quality digital PLR products, it is among the best PLR sites for membership.


Get a lifetime membership at $97


  • It gets you over 4000 plus eBooks from the top categories.
  • All eBooks are packed with a secured license that allows you to use them for any purpose.
  • It offers more than 660 MRR videos in the membership area covering several topics.
  • You will get top-class visually stunning graphics that are ready to use
  • It also provides software, PLR blogs, WordPress themes, and plugins


  • You won't get much value from the free membership.

4. IDPLR: PLR Website

The IDPLR website has severed many internet marketers since 2008 and is one of the most trustworthy sites out there.  The platform follows a membership approach where you get thousands of PLR products in various niches.

ID PLR Website

The best thing about this site is the quality of the products, which is extremely impressive.

It is among the top PLR websites of 2022, offering more than 1200,000 PLR Articles. Besides, It gets you graphics, audios, ebooks, templates, articles, audios, etc.


  • 3 Month Access at $39
  • 1 Year Access at $69
  • Lifetime Access at $79


  • Users will get access to 12,590 PLR products
  • With a Gold membership, you will get training tutorials and Courses
  • It gets you Web hosting with 10GB of space
  • You will receive 3D eCover Software
  • It offers an unlimited download limit
  • Most important, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Very few products are available for free membership.

5. Super-Resell

Super-Resell is another one of the most remarkable PLR websites of 2022. The platform was established in 2009 and offered valuable PLR content to its users.

However, the platform provides standard lifetime membership and a monthly plan at an affordable price. Interested users can avail more than 8000 varieties of digital products along with PLR, MRR, or RR rights.

Top products of Super-Resell include readymade websites, article packs, videos, ebooks, software, template & graphics, etc.


  • Get six-month membership at $49.90
  • Lifetime membership at $129.00


  • It offers you both products with a sales page and without a sales page
  • You will get thousands of digital products that you can use to grow your business
  • It gets you fresh daily news updates


  • It has built an automatic subscription system. Thus, it can cost you money even if you are not using it.

6. Unstoppable PLR

UnstoppablePLR was established by Aurelius Tjin, an internet marketer and marketplace vendor, in 2006. Over the last 15 years, UnStoppablePLR has been providing massive value by offering high-quality PLR content. Therefore, it is one of the best PLR sites due to its flexibility and affordability.

Unstopable PLR website


You can enroll in the UnstoppablePLR membership for $29 per month


  • You will get up to 30 PLR articles on content creation, positive psychology, entrepreneurship, and goal setting at no cost.
  • You will get a 100% money-back guarantee on all PLR products
  • It provides you with professionally designed graphics and much more
  • It offers you everything you need to get started


  • Many people often complain as they don't release many PLR products every month.

7. MasterResellRights.com

MasterResellRights came into existence in 2006, and it is still impacting many curious entrepreneurs. With the help of this site, you can avail more than 8,000 products after joining their membership.

Master Resell Rights

It is one of the top PLR websites that aim to deliver high-value PLR content to its members. You will get access to many sister memberships at no hidden cost. Additionally, it provides PLR, MRR, and RR license products.


  • Get one-month membership at $19.97
  • Three-month membership at $47.00


  • Get access to more than 10,000 PLR articles on several niches
  • You will get new updates every single day
  • It gives you 8 GB of hosting space
  • You can pay using PayPal


  • Access to features is available to members only.

8. Resell Rights Weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is a membership PLR website that provides supreme PLR content. It is among the top free PLR sites that offer free membership. You will get over 728 private label rights & resale rights products for free.

Resell Rights Weekly

Additionally, you will also get brand new products every single week. The Resell Rights Weekly gives you free instant access and downloads any content you require.



  • Get free & Gold membership at $0 cost
  • It gives you access to the latest 728 hot selling digital products
  • Provides two hot new products each week
  • It offers free access to the RRW member's forum
  • You will also get 10,740+ PLR articles


  • The products available at this site are very low as compared with other PLR websites.

9. PLR Madness

PLR Madness is one of the top PLR sites specialized in the article category. So if you are looking for the best PLR website to purchase articles in various categories, PLR madness is for you.

PLR Madness

It covers all the latest niches, including travel, art, entertainment, Internet marketing, fashion, etc. The best thing about this site is it doesn't ask for membership sign-ups.


  • Get access to more than 300,000+ PLR articles at $17.00


PLR madness offers 3 million PLR articles at an affordable price

It gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee

All the articles are written by native writers

You don't have to hire writers. Just use the PLR articles for your profit.


  • You are limited to only product reviews and articles.

10. PLR Blowout

PLR blowout is one of the best PLR websites in 2022 that offers high-quality digital PLR products. If you are interested in making money with PLR products, then PLR Blowout is highly suitable.

The best thing about this PLR website is its affordability and responsive marketing items. However, it covers many marketing genres, including website templates, email swipes, Facebook marketing, etc.

Besides, you will get hot selling digital PLR products that can drive a lot of sales.


  • Get all the PLR contents at $10


  • It provides a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You will get free gold membership
  • It covers hundreds of niches
  • You can pay using PayPal


  • It provides only two types of license

11.  Exclusive Niches

 ExclusiveNiches offers various digital PLR products to online marketers to make huge profits on the Internet. The platform aims to provide meaningful PLR content so entrepreneurs can focus on other aspects of their business.

Exclusive Niches

This site is one of the best PLR websites in terms of individual purchases.  Similarly, you can buy any digital product individually at an affordable price. It claims to have more than 12,000 satisfied customers.


  • PLR article starts from $4.95


  • It gets you to access spin-ready articles that you can use according to your needs.
  • You can more than 236,000 PLR articles packages
  • You get hundreds of top niches PLR articles


  • PLR articles are only for use. However, you can't resell.

12. PLR.me

PLR.me is one of the best PLR sites in 2022. It offers done for your content marketing system that includes courses, brandable caching tools, etc. PLR.me is also the most trusted PLR website, among others.


The PLR.me platform features smart digital caching PLR tools for health and wellness professionals. However, the platform came into existence in 2008 and was featured by top brands such as Toronto Sun and Entrepreneur.

One of the best things about this website is its content marketing automation tools.


  • Pay-as-you-go Plan – $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan – $99/month
  • 400 Annual Plan – $299/month
  • 800 Annual Plan – $499/month
  • 2500 Annual Plan – $990/month


  • Get access to over 14,539+ ready-to-use PLR coaching resources
  • It provides content marketing and sliding tools
  • You can create products, launch webinars, get email templates, and many more.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time


  • It is a bit expensive as compared with other top PLR websites.

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13. DownloadPLRProducts

DownloadPLRProducts is another yet one of the best PLR websites for private label rights (PLR), and master resell rights (MRR). The platform has been providing access to more than 6107+ PLR and MRR products since 2011.

Download PLR PRoducts

The DownloadPLRProducts site follows a membership approach and offers valuable digital products at a significant price. The great thing about the platform is its reliability and consistency.

Additionally, every week the DownloadPLRproducts adds more than 30 new PLR products to their members. 


  • For seven days, it starts from $2.95
  • Get a monthly subscription at $16.95 per month


  • Get access to more than 47209 ready to promote articles
  • It gives you access to a variety of WordPress add-ons, including scripts, themes, and plugins
  • Above all, get more than 6112 PLR products on premium membership
  • PLR products are available in various categories including, eBooks, graphics, videos, software, plugins


  • Although it has thousands of PLR products, it is still limited

14. Master PLR

Master PLR is among the best PLR sites founded by entrepreneurs Mr. Geoff and Mrs. Susan O'Dea. The platform was established to offer the highest PLR quality content. The best thing about this site is the quality of the content.

Master PLR

All articles you get from this site are a hundred percent genuine and written by industry experts. The platform has a significant range of PLR products, including health, lifestyle, decision making, and personal development.


  • Monthly Pack – $14 per month
  • Yearly Pack – $137 per month


  • You will get professionally written articles from native writers
  • It covers powerful niches along with various subcategories
  • All articles are fully edited and ready to be published


  • Master PLR does not offer any refund policy

15. Health and Wellness PLR

If you are searching for some high-quality PLR products in the health category, you must consider Health and Wellness PLR. It aims to provide pre-written content to bloggers, internet marketers, and caches under the health and wellness niche.

Helth & Wellness PLR Websites

Above all, the platform has a significant amount of hot topics covered within health. It includes diet, fitness, natural & alternative health, self-care, mental health, and many more.


  • You will get all-access membership starting from $497.00


  • It offers a blend of articles, lead magnets, graphics, product reviews, reports, eBooks, etc.
  • Above all, you get free PLR in a few niches
  • It provides rare & unique PLR contents


  • It doesn't have any membership feature

16. PLR Assassin

PLR Assassin is another one of the top PLR websites that offers free lifetime membership. The best thing about this website is its pricing structure. The platform is UK-based and provides the latest trending PLR products that you can tweak to your brand.

PLR Assassin

However, you may get a free lifetime subscription and get more offers you have to enroll in a VIP membership. You can quickly find the rights under the package. The free membership also has many perks, including unlimited downloads and 100 free ebooks.


  • Free membership at $0
  • VIP membership at $19/month


  • The VIP membership comes with over 12,000 products
  • With free membership, you get new products added weekly
  • You will get 100mb/s Download Speed on VIP membership


  • You don't get any rebranding option in a free subscription.

17. PLRProducts

PLR Products comes as the best PLR website in terms of rich content. The platform is filled with quality content, including reports, articles, audio, videos, templates, graphic, WordPress themes, and much more.

PLR PRoducts

However, the price can be a bit costly for newbies, but it aims to provide extremely valuable stuff. It covers thousands of marketing sub-niches along with tools and software. Above all, it gets you excellent PLR in cryptocurrency as well.


  • EBook stars from $4.99 to $9.99
  • The article starts from $299 to $9.99
  • Software scripts start from $5.99 to 7.99
  • Template pack starts from $4.99 to 7.99


  • You get a hundred percent unique and genuine content
  • Cover hundreds of topics from marketing to business etc.
  • Most importantly, It gives you personal niches category


  • There is no money back refund policy
  • Pricing plans are higher than other PLR sites

18. Ultimate PLR Fire Sale

Ultimate PLR Fire Sale provides unlimited PLR content that you can entirely customize for your benefit. It is by far the most affordable PLR package provider. The best thing about this package is its great reviews from its potential buyers. It gives you easy to download system and a significant amount of PLR libraries.

Ultimate PLR Fire Sale


  • Get unlimited PLR packages at $5


  • Ultimate PLR Fire Sale is providing unlimited PLR at a super low price.
  • It has multiple modules. All include a full unrestricted PLR license
  • You will get thousands of PLR articles in various hot niches


  • It doesn't offer any further updates or add new PLR consistently.

Common FAQs on PLR Websites

What is the best PLR membership site?

You should not search for the best PLR membership sites; instead, you should look based on your needs. However, in this article, we have shared many membership sites including, Master PLR. PLR Assassin. IDPLR etc. So, you can select any PLR as per your specific niche.

Can you make money with PLR?

Yes. PLR digital products provide instant content that you can edit, resell and keep 100% profits.  It is pretty beneficial because you don't need to spend huge money on content creation. However, you can get the PLR from the best PLR  websites and customize it to fit your needs.

best plr websites inforgraphic image
best plr websites

Are PLR articles a good idea?

In short, if you need to keep your visitors engaged on your website, the PLR article can be excellent. You can purchase and make some little changes as per your requirement and use it. One thing to keep in mind, don't expect to rank PLR articles on the search engines without any editing.

What is a PLR product?

A PLR product is a product that includes Private Label Rights or Reuse rights, as we have shared some top PLR sites that you can use to download any PLR content. Moreover, you always have to rebrand the PLR to match your brand and voice before considering it as your content.

Where can I sell PLR articles?

Suppose you have thousands of PLR products that you want to promote. The best thing to do is create a gig on Fiverr, Quickngigs, and Seoclerks online marketplaces. You can make a huge profit by selling PLR packages to internet marketers and business owners without any cost.

However, you can also purchase PLR products from the top PLR websites. Here are some of the best sites where you can also promote PLR articles.

  • Warrior Forum.
  • Digiresults
  • Clickbank.
  • eJunkie.
  • EBay.

Let me conclude this post now.


I have shared some of the best PLR websites where you can buy high-quality content. Whether you need marketing eBooks or Keto Diet plans, you can get them. However, be careful when using any PLR content and read the exclusive rights before taking them into personal usage.

Let me know in the comment which of these best PLR sites you have chosen?

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