Advanced Network Inventory

Advanced Network Inventory is a free software that allows you to gather information about your devices on the network very easily with its powerful interface without requiring any agents to be installed.


Bulk Import devices

With Advanced Network inventory you can add all your computers from your active directory with one click or by importing from a text file.

Inventory management

You can manage each device node alone in a separate window or you can create a report of multiple nodes. Also, you can choose what exact information you want to load.


You can create dynamic powerful reports with the built-in report builder, you can create new report templates to save time, and you can choose between multiple report views.


You can choose between scanning selected criteria like select to scan CPU and MEMORY information only, or you can just scan everything with one click.

Node Platforms.

In this version (1.0.0) you are allowed to scan only windows based nodes. but you can add any type of nodes you want and archive your custom information about it, hoping to add other platforms in the next versions(ESXi and Mac).

Having Problems?

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Also if you have any idea for improving the software, we will be very glad to hear you.