Amazon SES: How To Use, Open The Limit!

Amazon SES: Step by Step Guide.


Introduction (What is AWS SES?)

Since you are here, I think you already know what Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is. But just in case, Amazon SES is an SMTP service provided by Amazon web services (AWS) that allows you to send emails through your email marketing application like Mailwizz, Mailster, or even Desktop apps, like Send blaster or Turbo mailer.

Let’s make things clear.

When you want to send emails: you need to use a mailing application connected to the SMTP server or service.

So when it comes to sending somehow massive email marketing campaigns, you have three options:

  1. Subscribe to one of the email marketing companies like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse. It allows you to manage everything (Send Emails, Campaigns, Lists… )
  2. Use an SMTP Service, like Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES… this will require you to use an email marketing application that manages your campaigns and Lists and will use the SMTP service to send emails.
  3. Build an SMTP Server and send unlimited emails, this is out of the scope here, but if you are interested in learning how to build your SMTP server, you can check the following article “PowerMTA Mail Server Full Guide – Send Unlimited Emails!” and this Video “How to Build SMTP Mail Server and Send Unlimited Emails

Check out also!


Now, I think the idea is clear. Please feel free anytime to submit a question here if you have any doubts.


Why Amazon SES?

Maybe the main reason for selecting Amazon SES as your SMTP Service is the cheap costs.

Do you believe that you can send 100K email for 10$ !?

Yes, it’s cheap.

The other alternative reason, in my opinion, is the High reputation of Amazon IP addresses, which allows you to get a high percentage of inbox deliverability, for sure, after you follow all spamming precautions.


You will learn more about this in my Udemy Premium Course, check it out if you want:


Amazon SES Requirments

Whenever you want to work with an SMTP service or even if you’re going to build your SMTP server, the main requirement is a DOMAIN NAME.

So if you are willing to start and work with Amazon SES, you need to get a Domain name.

You can buy one from any domain registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Enom or whatever you want. It will cost you between 2-15$ per year, its not that big deal.


Getting Started

To make things simple, I created this 12 minutes Video, so you can watch and get everything right in 10 Minutes. After that, go down and read more about how to be accepted on Amazon SES and open the limits.


How to be accepted on Amazon SES and increase the sending limit?

This Question may be the Top question that I get from people all over the world concerning Amazon SES.

Everyone asks: “How I can open amazon sending limits?” “How can I remove the Amazon SES sandbox mode?” “How to be accepted by Amazon SES ?” , “Am Always being rejected by Amazon, what is the solution, please help!”

These are a sample of hundreds of questions I get every month. And honestly, this is the main reason why I am writing this article.

When it comes to my business, I have my SMTP server besides using Amazon SES and Google GSuite For email Marketing and management.

Mainly, I separate emails in this way:

  • Transactional Emails: Google Gsuite
  • Marketing Emails: Amazon SES and My Server (I distribute the load)

But I was surprised of is the number of people being rejected by Amazon SES ! because I don’t remember that I was rejected any time!

I built more than 20-30 SMTP servers this year, I use Amazon SES for a while, and everything is great.

This issue made me do some deep researches and see why people are being rejected so I can make things clear for everyone.

What I Found!

Unfortunately, I found that 100% of those who contacted me asking on how to be accepted on Amazon SES, don’t even have a website!

Ok, I didn’t mention that it’s required to have a website! What happened now!

Yes, Technically to apply to amazon SES, you don’t need a website. And it’s not obligatory. But this means that you are almost 70-80% working illegally in email marketing which means you want to send emails to people who didn’t subscribe to your newsletter or you didn’t collect their emails legally, maybe by scraping Facebook or by some google Search queries.

These methods are considered as spamming for amazon, and for sure you will not be accepted!

So for that, having a website that has a registration form or some opt-in forms will help you to prove to amazon or any company, that you are working legally and you collect emails legally, and you are not a spammer. That’s it easy.

Of course, I am talking here about honesty, don’t go, and create a temporary sample website and add a form, then apply!

We are in the 21’s century. This dump action is detected instantly with intelligent systems.

So my little advice for you, if you want to start a real business online, you need to have a Website, it can be a WordPress Website or anything that reflects your company and your work. You can start a blog and collect emails legally using opt-in forms or maybe using Facebook Lead collection  Marketing or any other legit way for collecting emails. Then believe me when you apply to amazon with these prerequisites, you will be accepted in less than 24 hours.

By the way, you can join my Free WordPress Super Training Series and learn how to build a WordPress site quickly, check it out here.


Sample Form To Send

Everyone who contacted me about increasing sending limits asked me to send the letter that  I used so I was accepted.

It’s not a Magic Trick!

Now I think you know that there are no magic tricks here. It’s just proving that you are not a spammer. So there is no standard letter that I send to be accepted, even every time I post a different message that I write when I want to submit the form to increase the limits on SMTP.

But anyway, I will share with you what I say or what you have to say or mention when you apply for the Limit increase.


Limit increase request form:

Website URL: Enter Your Website URL.

My email-sending complies with AWS Service Terms: YES

I only send to recipients who have specifically requested my mail: Yes

I have a process to handle bounces and complaints: Yes

Use case description: Describe what your website is about, and what do you want to send to subscribers

Example if you have a blog:  I have a website that I share all my articles about pet training on, and I want to send my subscribers any new articles that I publish.


Thank you, hope this help!

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