Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners (Updated)

Affiliate Programs For Beginners

After I wrote a full Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Guide here on my blog and explained step by step how to start in affiliate marketing, I felt its important to write an article about the Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners to start with.

So this is why I wrote this blog, here I will share with you a list of Affiliate Programs for beginners and I will explain each in brief, and this will help you choose the best products that fits your niche.

This List was updated in 10-15-2020.

Email Marketing Affiliate programs for beginners.


Getresponse is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that supports email marketing, automation, campaigns, online surveys, webinars, eCommerce, and CRM.

  • Commission rate: 100$ Per Sale Or 33% recurring Commission
  • Cookie duration: 120 days


AWeber is a simple email marketing and automation platform. They have built the email marketing tools needed for entrepreneurs and small business owners to connect with their audience. They offer live support by phone and use their own servers to improve email delivery rates. They are one of the most popular and well established email marketing companies out there.

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring Commission
  • Cookie duration: 3 56days


Woodpecker is an intelligent email follow-up automation platform for small to medium sized B2B companies. Woodpecker provides human like sending features, high deliverability rates and easy to use campaign automation software.

  • Commission rate: 20% recurring Commission
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Moosend is a highly rated email marketing and marketing automation platform that offers an all-in-one marketing solution. Its key features include a drag-and-drop email editor, email newsletter templates that are ready to use, A/B testing tools, list segmentation tools, an easy-to-use landing page builder, and more.

By joining Moosend's affiliate program, you get perks such as:

  • 30% recurring and scalable commission
  • Cookie duration of 90 days
  • Ready-made resources and affiliate reporting tools

You can check out Moosend's affiliate program and its perks here.

Ecommerce Affiliate programs for beginners.


Shopify provides everything you need to sell online, on social media, and in person. Create your store, manage products, accept payments, ship, and integrate with other apps.

  • Commission rate: 200%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Oberlo is a dropshipping platform that allows you to import third-party products into your Shopify store and ship to customers directly.

  • Commission rate: 200%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


ShippingEasy integrates with ecommerce platforms to track orders and shipments, print labels, and save on postage. Learn about the ShippingEasy affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: Up to $149
  • Cookie duration: 45 days


Spocket helps drop shippers around the world discover and dropship US/EU based products to scale their businesses.

  • Commission rate: Up to 30%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

Marketing Affiliate programs for beginners.


helps you build landing pages for your online marketing and promotion campaigns with ease.

  • Commission rate: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


Leadpages enables you to create landing pages, build websites, capture email addresses, and nurture new leads with email marketing automation.

  • Commission rate: Up to 50%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Tubebuddy is the #1 YouTube tool and browser extension for channel management, keyword and tag research, video SEO, competitor insights, bulk processing, marketing, and more.

  • Commission rate: Up to 50%
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime

Education Affiliate programs for beginners.


Coursera offers online courses through partnerships with hundreds of top-ranked universities, including Stanford and Columbia. Learners can take courses, specializations, and degrees.

  • Commission rate: Up to 45%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Pluralsight offers extensive online developer, creative, and IT courses that are taught by industry experts. It offers 6,000+ courses to businesses and individuals.

  • Commission rate: Up to 75%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Treehouse focuses on technical education. It offers more than one thousand videos created by experts on web design, coding, business, and more.

  • Commission rate: Up to 50%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Web Hosting Affiliate programs for beginners.


ScalaHosting provides high-quality web hosting solutions. Its services include cloud, reseller, and shared hosting. Also, it offers cloud VPS and dedicated servers, domains, and SSL certificates.

  • Commission rate: Up to $200
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Hostinger offers fast and user-friendly web hosting solutions at a price nobody can beat. 

  • Commission rate: 60%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides managed web hosting and data center solutions. It offers cloud, VPS, dedicated, managed, and private cloud plans. It also owns iThemes Hosting.

  • Commission rate: Up to 150%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


SiteGround is a leading web hosting company with millions of customers. It offers shared and cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and domain services.

  • Commission rate: Up to $125
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Webinar Affiliate programs for beginners.


GoToMeeting facilitates video conferencing and collaboration. Conduct online meetings with up to 250 participants, screen share, and collaborate with HD video conferencing.

  • Commission rate: $100
  • Cookie duration: 45 days


Marketing pros turn to GoToWebinar to create captivating online events that build brand awareness and help organizations spread their messages.

  • Commission rate: $100
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

VPN Affiliate programs for beginners.


CyberGhost VPN shields your data from the prying eyes of authorities and hackers.

  • Commission rate: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


NordVPN is a top-rated VPN that offers military-grade online security and protection applications.

  • Commission rate: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


PureVPN specializes in helping internet users to reinforce their online security and privacy by using a virtual private network (VPN).

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Other Affiliate programs.


AppSumo is a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services.

  • Commission rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Canva is a graphic-design tool that helps people create images, logos, thumbnails, posters, and more. It provides access to over a million photographs and templates.

  • Commission rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Evernote is the app that keeps your notes organized. Memos are synced so that they’re accessible anywhere and searchable so that you can always find what you need.

  • Commission rate: Up to 70%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


Envato Elements is a popular destination for stock videos, royalty-free music, photos, graphics, graphic templates, and more.

  • Commission rate: $120
  • Cookie duration: 60 days


Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for freelance services starting. It also offers courses, exclusive benefits, and small business software.

  • Commission rate: Up to $150
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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  1. Great info dear.. Here is ur great fan, eza. I always wait for your video. I tried my level Best to earn some money online for the last 5 months but couldn’t earn a single cent. I was greatly motivated by ur video” stuck at home…..” and trying on those methods. kindly refer me some legitimate high paid sites for content writing.
    After following method of your video on Quora, i started writing answers about fitness, but whenever i share my link, Quora deleted my answer saying” ur anser violates our policy “. Even though Quora shared my content in its 10,000 digest viewers, as I got a mesg about it. Kindly help me what should I do for online earning ??

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am beginner in affiliate marketing, your blog post is really valuable for beginner
    as you wrote about affiliate marketing ultimate guide you teach us each step i will follow ,

    Thank You.

  3. I must say Hassan, I’m really inspired by your videos and I don’t miss a day without watching one.

    You’re a mentor in my new field, I’m going to model after you.

    Truly grateful

  4. Sir my request for affliate marketing in sendinblue is denied also I provide my YouTube channel link- but not approved.

    What should I do ?

  5. I applied for Sendinblue affiliate program my application rejected by Sendinblue team Can you please check my website? what I’m doing wrong.

  6. hello mr hasan i realy like your courses and i want to make blogger andi like your blog template please if you can send your themplate to me

  7. Hello Hassan,
    I appreciate your blog post, very educative.
    Can you do a video on how to start an affiliate market or content marketing with a blog for beginners, step by step?

  8. Hello sir,
    The work you do is excellent. I study all your lessons and the knowledge I get from it is very high. Thank you so much for this knowledge that you give generously and very clearly.

  9. Dear Hassan sir, I’m totally new in this field. Actually I first saw your video just 2 weeks ago and from then to many of your highly inspirational videos have opened my eyes. I’m am a teacher of geography at a high school of India, a former cricketer and I also love to read books. Now the problem I’m facing that depending on those fields what niche should I chose to make content so I can promote products to earn some revenue? And please mention some products which are suitable for me. I’m waiting for your reply sir, please help me..

    1. Hi sir, we advise you to choose a niche you love to talk about! Talking about things you love will not make you feel that you are working, it will make you feel you are doing a hobby! Wish you all the best friend.

  10. Hi, Nice Insight on Affiliate Products here.
    How can I get and convert free and organic traffic to my affiliate products using Medium? I tried Google Sites, then shared the link to the site on Facebook and Quora, I got about 58 hops (Warrior+ Affiliate network) but no conversions even though it was good and insightful content.
    Also, my formed medium account was blocked, all it said was that I violated some rules and regulations, but won’t tell me which one. Is it prohibited to embed affiliate links on medium? their terms and conditions/guidelines are too long for me to read, at some I stop comprehending them… I hope to get some insights

    1. Sharing affiliate links too much will get you blocked yes. 58 clicks are not that much. You will have to wait to reach hundreds and thousands of clicks to get a commission. This requires patience, my friend. Good luck.

  11. Hello Hassan,

    The work you do is excellent. I watched all your videos and in the read post, I get the best info.

    Thank you so much for this knowledge.

  12. Salam, Thanks a lot Mr. Hassan sir for sharing this beginner’s friendly affiliate tips, I’ve watched your video about CPA, but I’ve signed up for Sharesale several times, and CJ is always rejected, do you have any tips or tricks to get accepted on both affiliate networks? Thanks in advance, wassalam