Best Niches For Blogging: How to Choose?

One of the best ways to make money online is simply blogging. You have this idea in your head, and you have an idea to start a blog, but like many beginners, you do not know if it will work or not? If you are nodding your head, believe me, you are not alone. This is why we decided to make this article to show you some of the best niches for blogging and help you decide if it is the good one for you or not!

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What is a Niche?

Before speaking about the best niches for blogging, let's define a niche.

If you go now and search for the word niche in a dictionary, you will find the following answer: a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

Many understand a niche that it is the idea that your blog will be talking about only. This is somehow correct, but it is not the definitive answer.

A niche is not only the topic, but it is also the approach you will take to talk about this topic. It is also the audience you want to target and how you are going to talk about the topic.

But most importantly, as the dictionary meaning states, it is the topic you find yourself comfortable to talk about. This helps you position yourself as an expert in the field or simply someone willing to share his/her experience about this specific topic.

But before talking about the best niches for blogging, let's share some history of how we at H-educate first started.

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How did we start?

If you go to our blog, you can see the oldest articles almost all talk about one thing: email marketing.

When we first started, the main niche we had in mind was just how to do good email marketing and SMTP servers.

But later on, our niche began to expand. This is what you need to do before picking the best niches for blogging.

We now post articles related to Webhosting, digital marketing, how to make money online, and much more. We now post articles about everything related to digital marketing and online business.

Rule Number 1: Start with a Micro Niche

See what we did there? The strategy goes by starting with a specific micro-niche.

When you want to pick a niche for blogging, you need to target a specific audience to target and get traffic from. It is not recommended to start with a very wide niche, as you will have tons of ideas to talk about. This will cause you to talk in general about the topic, which will not interest your audience.


When you talk about a specific micro-niche, you would be providing a detailed explanation about this topic. this will provide your audience something different than what is available online and hooks them to your articles.

Not only this, talking about the same topic, you will create multiple articles about the same topic, thus having connected articles that talk about similar keywords.

This will help you rank on google and drive free organic traffic to your blog.

Rule Number 2: Expand your Niche!

Once you start with a micro-niche, you will attract an audience that is interested in your topic. This will drive some traffic to your website.

Once you have a good audience and good traffic, it is time to expand your niche.

As we in H-educate did, we started with the email marketing niche. This attracted an audience that is just interested in email marketing.

Later, we started adding some more topics, like online business, SAAS Business, YouTube marketing, affiliate marketing, and more other topics.

Important Note: When we say to expand your niche, all the topics should be related to this niche. We are not saying to talk about digital marketing and health niches! These are not related.

How to pick the best niches for blogging?

Before showing some niche examples, let's discuss what you should keep in mind when picking up your blogging niche.

To find out the perfect niche for you, you should be able to answer the below 3 questions.

1-Do I have the passion to talk about this niche?

When you first start with your blog, you are so excited to start a new thing. Thus you start big, posting new content each week or so.

Then, one or two weeks later, you start to get bored and stop losing interest in the topic you are talking about.

This is why the first thing you need to look for when picking a niche is how much the topic interests you. The more you have a passion about the topic, the more you are willing to spend your time to talk about it.

2- Will this topic attract an audience?

If you find the niche that best suites your preferences, it is time to check if it will have a good attraction for the audience. After all, you are going to write to people, and they will have to decide if they continue reading your posts or not.

Now you may ask how to find the topics that are booming nowadays?


You can check Google Trends as a start. This will show you how much the topic you want to talk about is trending.

Another very simple way is to use h-supertools keyword research tool. This will help you find tons of specific terms for a general topic. You can find a micro-niche using keyword research!

3- Will this niche make me money?

It is important to know if the topic you decide to go with have good monetization methods. Of course, you can always start a blog and monetize it with ads, but there are several other ways to monetize your blog.

Check whether you niche has affiliate marketing, or if you can make a course about this niche. These are excellent ways to monetize your blog other than ads.

You can also check if you can make a SAAS business related to this. The ways are endless. Just make sure to pick a niche that has several monetization methods.

Best niches for blogging

Now we have come to the part that interests you the most. What are some niches you could write about?

Though by now, I wish you got the help needed to pick your perfect niche in the previous paragraph, I will share with you a small ebook that is totally for free, that has many niche topics to choose from.

Download Ebook Here

The ebook has numerous ideas to pick a niche from.

Once you download the ebook, you will find many to choose from, such as cooking, healthy food, online business and much much more.

Let's now say you have picked your niche, how will you find ideas or content to write about.

For example, you picked the healthy snacks niche.

Go to Google, and search about healthy snacks. We will find some articles regarding this topic.

Copy the first blog's URL you find in the search and go to BuzzSumo and paste the URL over there. You do not need to sign up for now.

What BuzzSumo gives you is a list of popular articles written on the blog you found. These are all articles related to the niche you picked and you can use the same ideas to write about.

Also, you can use again h-supertools youtube keyword tool and search for healthy snacks.

This will generate a lot of content articles to use in your blog.

Important Note

Starting a blog is easy and does not require extra-terrestrial skills to begin.

You do not need to be an expert with the niche you pick to start your blog.

What is important is that you are willing to learn more about the topic you are writing about and never think that you know everything.

Another thing that will help you succeed, is to simply share your own experience and the issues you face while building your blog. Just share your knowledge, experience and case studies that will attract your audience for sure.


best niche for blogging

I believe this small diagram sums up how to pick the perfect niche for your blog.

The first thing is to find a topic you are passionate about, or at least passionate about learning and talking about.

Then, check if this topic will find some audience to listen to what you have to say.

Then check all the monetization ways available to make money from your blog.

Having all these three will make your blog stand out as you will keep adding content and making money from interesting your audience.

Do not forget to download the ebook that contains more than 50 niche ideas to start your blog.

I will be waiting for your suggestions about more niche ideas in the comments below.

I hope I have helped you a bit. Thank you for reading.

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