Bulk Ad password reset

Reset You active directory user passwords in bulk mode very easily with this tool!

How to use:

This tool is used directly without requiring any installations. just open it

  • If your computer is joined to the same domain and the logged in user has permissions to reset user passwords, then just add users using the userbox or by importing from a text file. and click Start reset.


  • If you are not joined to the same domain or the logged in user doesn't have appropriate permissions to reset active directory user passwords. Then use the second option which is Add from a domain, just enter the domain name or the IP address of the AD server. Select the OU that contains the user you want to reset passwords for. and click Start reset.


Other features:

  • Force change password on the first login.
  • Unlocking user accounts if they are.
  • Setting a custom password which you show by clicking on show password button.
  • When Using Add from the domain method, the applcation will automatically get all the OUs and users from the target domain.

Having Problems?

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