Can I Earn Money From Instagram: Full How-To Tutorial

Can I earn money from Instagram? A question that we hear a lot. And to give it a short simple answer: YES!

Many people struggle to make money online. Maybe they do not have a laptop, or do not have any skills.

In this article, we are going to share with you a simple method that can make you money using just your mobile! How? Simply by creating an Instagram page.

Want to learn how? Fasten your seat belts and let's dive in.

Can I earn Money From Instagram: Strategies.

To discuss this further, let's first discuss a bit about Instagram.

We cannot argue that Instagram is a social media network like no other.

Instead of words, the platform is built almost entirely around sharing images and videos.

Having over a billion registered accounts, it has taken a great part in our lives.

Though most people love to share their selfies and their own pictures with friends and family, that is not the only use for Instagram.

Since there are more than a billion accounts, it has opened the eyes of many marketers and bloggers as a great opportunity to start making money from this widely used platform.

But how?

We are not talking about selling stuff, though this is one way to do it, but not the only way.

We will share with you in this article both direct and indirect strategies you can use to start making money from Instagram. You can even turn it into a business!

earn money from instagram

Direct Strategy

One of the most importantly used ways to make money directly from an Instagram page is affiliate marketing.
For those of you who are new here and do not know what affiliate marketing is, let me brief it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people's services or products, and earning a commission for any sale you get through your referral link. Want to learn more about how this is done? Read this article where we explain all about affiliate marketing in detail.

You can also learn more about this topic on our channel.

Back to our topic. What is a better source of traffic to your affiliate links than a platform that has more than a billion registered users?

Now you may tell me, you cannot directly share affiliate links on Instagram, what are you talking about?

You are right. But what you can do instead is share a link in your bio that redirects people to a landing page that has your affiliate links.

bio link

And once your page reaches 10K followers, you will be able to share links inside your story. You will have the See More tag and drive traffic to your landing page. Nice ha?

Now let me just give you a small piece of advice. Don't create a page about gaming niche let's say, and share affiliate links about Webhosting! It will not work.

Make sure your affiliate links are specific to your niche. After all, people started following you for the page niche, so they will be interested in buying stuff related to this niche and not another.

Promoting your own Products

If you have your own products, why miss the chance of reaching out to thousands of people who follow your page?

Instead of sharing affiliate products, share your own.

It could be anything. It could be software, a digital product, or even a physical product if you are in dropshipping.

Simply post some pictures about your products on your page so that people would know that you have a product to buy.

One simple trick to do to make people love your product is showing them the reviews about this product. Of course, we are talking about real reviews. Don't go ask your brother to review the product and post it on Instagram(I know you thought about this).

Just show people the real value of your product.

In our case, we have services and courses as products. We are promoting our courses on the Instagram page indirectly by just showing them the reviews from our students. People will be intrigued to find out more about the courses and go search for them to enroll.

Whatever your product is, you can promote it with Instagram. And many people are making a living out of this.


What do we mean by shout-outs? No don't start shouting, that is not what we mean here.

When you have a page with a good number of followers, you can sell shout-outs. Shout-outs are when you add a story or a post, telling people about other pages that are still new to Instagram. Many people will reach you for shout-outs, and you can even send starting pages messages offering them shout-outs.

This is an excellent and very easy method to earn money from Instagram.

We talked about this in detail where you can make 33$ per post on Instagram. Check it out in the below video.

Indirect Strategy

Now that we have covered the direct ways you can make money from, let's talk about the strategy we use, which is the indirect strategy.

Although we have some services and courses, we do not share them directly on Instagram. It is just a matter of preferences, this is how we like to do it.

What we focus on are two things: brand awareness and online marketing.

Online Marketing

What do we mean by online marketing? What we do on our Instagram page, is simply sharing motivational quotes, tutorials, and educational stuff. How does this make us money? Directly, it doesn't. But let's think about this for a second.

When we post things about our websites, courses, or any tutorial, we are simply doing an AD to our name. Since we do not want to promote a single service or a single course, we just show people who we are and we do.

Once people are aware of us and the things we do, they go to our website. Once there, they reach all our services and products, and thus we fulfill our ultimate goal of having traffic to our websites and promoting our products. Kill 2 birds in one stone!

This is a simple marketing method we use! Through Instagram!

Brand Awareness

With all this marketing done on Instagram, people will start knowing your brand's name.

When people start to know you and fully trust you, then you have achieved what is called brand awareness.

When you reach this goal, people will start talking about you, sharing your posts, and sharing your motivational quotes. What is a better marketing way to grow your business than word of mouth? It is very simple but hard to achieve. You have to earn the trust of your followers and always provide quality content!

Can I earn money from Instagram?

Now let's go back to our questions in the first place: Can I earn money from Instagram?

Of course you can.

To sum up all the ideas, use the 2 methods:


  • Affiliate Products
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling posts and Shout-Outs


  • Online Marketing
  • Brand Awareness

Now that you have known some ways to make money through your phone by using Instagram, you do not have an excuse! Just start! You can earn money from Instagram and a lot of others!

I will be waiting your comments in the comments section below.

I hope you enjoyed this small read!

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