Canva Affiliate Program: How to Make $500 or More

Canva affiliate

Do you believe that Canva is a brilliant designing tool for non-designers? Are you confident in promoting it? Or do you have an audience interested in the designing industry? If yes, then this blog post is for you because I will tell you how you can make big bucks with the Canva affiliate program.

In this blog post, you'll have an overview of the Canva referral program, along with my affiliate case study. By the end of this post, you can start making money by promoting the Canva Pro subscription without hassle. 

I'll also reveal smart ways to promote Canva and make $500 or more per month. Sounds exciting and promising at the same time? Let's get started right now. 

Canva Affiliate Program: Introduction

Melanie Perkins founded Canva, a brilliant designing tool for non-designers, in 2012. Since then, it has reached substantial heights of popularity in the designing industry. And that's why it has over 18 million users across the globe. 

Canva affiliate

As you can see, it has a vast potential to reach even more people. Canva has its affiliate program to achieve that goal. You, as an online marketer, make an impression here and enjoy your piece of cake. 

Canva uses Impact technology to deliver the program to its affiliate. The program offers you 80% commission on the first two months of Canva Pro and 25% on the annual subscription. That's quite a great deal. Isn't it?

You can crush your affiliate program if you are a blogger, email marketer, or social media influencer. You have so many opportunities to promote Canva that you'll eventually start making money off of it. I'll talk about such options in the following sections.  

Canva Affiliate Earnings

Different affiliates from Canva's referral program earn different amounts of money. Some make a few bucks, and some of them make thousands of them. As an affiliate, you earn up to $36 for every sign-up for the Pro subscription.

schedule on canva

Here are more details about the Canva affiliate earnings:

  • Affiliate Commission Type: Single-payment (nonrecurring)
  • Cookie's Duration: 30 days
  • Payment options: Tons of options, including PayPal and bank transfers
  • Commission Rate: 15% for a monthly subscription and 80% for an annual subscription
  • Affiliate Technology Company: Impact

Here's a spoiler: I've made around $106 in one month with Canva's affiliate program. And I'm on the way to scale it to $500 with paid advertising. I'll explain this in the case study section of this blog post. For now, let me review the program for you.

Canva Affiliate Program Review

Canva's affiliate program is an excellent way for marketers to make money promoting Canva Pro. It offers all the information and tools to help you succeed as an affiliate. The program mentions cookie duration, commission rates, and email addresses. 

Canva affiliate commission rate is fantastic without a doubt, 15% for annual and 80% on monthly subscriptions. You also get to benefit from its deep linking, advertising banners, and other promo content. 

remove background

Let's talk about the downsides of Canva's referral program now. The program's 30-day cookie duration is way less than most programs in the market now. Canva is strict in accepting affiliates with just a 43% of acceptance rate. 

But all-in-all, Canva's affiliate program is an attractive deal for digital markers, especially those in the design industry. 

How to Get Started with Canva Affiliate Program

To get started with the Canva referral program, you need to apply for it on Impact. You make money with it only after the Canva team approves your application.

join affiliate program on impact

The criteria for the program is straightforward:

  • You have a substantial audience (on social media or any digital marketing platform)
  • And you're willing to promote Canva across your marketing channels

1. Go to the Canva affiliate homepage and click on ‘Join Now.' You'll be taken to the Impact page for the program. Or else choose Canva from the list of brands if you're already an Impact account user. 

Canva pro

2. Enter all your information about you and your audience. Be honest and provide as much information as required and encouraged. 

Impact Affiliate Application

3. Wait for approval. Let the Canva know how to promote the Pro subscription to boost your chance of acceptance in the program.

4. Get the email within 48-72 hours to confirm if you're an approved affiliate for Canva Pro or not. Unsuccessful applications have reasons like ‘your platform is too new, too small, or doesn't have relevance to design.' 

5. Start promoting Canva affiliate links if your application is approved for the program. For that, go to ‘My brands' and select Canva. Choose from an HTML code or a tracking link. The HTML code refers to ‘Ads/Banners' for Canva. Choose an attractive banner or copy and paste your tracking link into the relevant content. 

For making better affiliate commissions, I recommend you to study the Pro features first. And it would help if you also use the Pro version. Furthermore, I'll walk you through 7 excellent ways to promote the Canva Pro subscription seamlessly.

But first, let me tell you how I have made money with the Canva referral program in the case study given below. 

Canva Case Study: How I Made $106 in One month

In this video, I've shared an affiliate marketing case study based on Canva. I have chosen an attractive banner with a puppy to attract those who want to remove background from their images

And then, I have shown the banner on H-Educate and H-Supertools. I've got 53,000 impressions and 1100 clicks and 10 sign-ups for the Pro version in one month. And I've earned $106 for 10 sign-ups. That's awesome! Have a look at the video now.

Now you may believe that $106 is a small amount of money. And you may be right. But honestly, once you get your $100, reaching $500 or more is not far. 

7 Ways to Promote Canva & Make $500 or More Per Month

I have planned to run ads to promote Canva to make $500 or more per month. But there are tons of ways you can promote Canva Pro. Let's find them out right now.

Premium content
  1. Create Canva tutorials on social media, including YouTube, and share your affiliate link
  2. Write blog posts helping designers and non-designers and incorporate your promo link
  3. Insert a banner in your header or sidebar (just as I did)
  4. Share your tips and tricks for using Canva efficiently in Facebook groups & Insta Reels.
  5. Create bite-sized videos on TikTok and share your Canva referral link
  6. Link Canva-promoting blog posts on Pinterest
  7. Offer value to your audience when sending them emails

Also, have a look at this guide to help you get traffic fast. Let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the affiliate program by Canva now. 

FAQs on the Affiliate Program

Does Canva have an affiliate program?

Canva has an affiliate program for its Pro version. You can start making money with the program because everyone needs visual content nowadays. Get started with Canva's referral program if you are a designer, blogger, or one with a large audience. 

How to Be a Canva affiliate?

Go to and click on ‘Join Now. You'll be directed to Canva Pro's program on the Impact network. Create your Impact account, enter your information, and start making money by sharing your trackable link with your audience. 

Beautiful designs

After you've created your Impact account and joined the Canva Pro referral program there, you need affiliate links. For that, go to ‘my brands' inside your Impact account, select ‘Canva' and choose a tracking link. You can also find the Canva referral link on the right side of your Canva dashboard.

Can I earn money from Canva?

You can earn money from Canva using several ways, from affiliate programs to designing graphics for your clients. With its affiliate program, you can make up to $36 for every Pro sign-up. And you earn a one-off commission for a yearly Pro subscription. 

How to know what partner type to choose for Canva?

Canva wants to know your powers. That's why it asks you the partner type. Choose ‘Content' if you're a blogger, ‘Social Media/Influencer' if you have a substantial social following, and ‘Email' if you have a considerable email list. You can also go for ‘Service Provider/Tool' or ‘Consumer Software/Technology' if you're a small or medium business. 

TL; DR – Canva Affiliate Program

Canva Affiliate Program

Canva Affiliate program has everything you need to promote its Pro subscription. When you refer your audience to their landing page, you'll convert them into Pro subscribers. And that's how you can make money from it. Let me summarize the process for you:

1. Go to Canva Affiliates and click on ‘Join Now'

2. Create your Impact account

3. Enter your information honestly

4. Promote your links after Canva approves you

Yes, it's that easy. But Canva accepts approximately 43% of applicants who apply to join. That's why my recommendation is to start building your audience first. It will help if you have a design-specific audience. 

Anyway, I hope you like this post on H-Educate. Let me know in the comments below if you're excited to become a Canva affiliate. 

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