Java Socket Programming Simplified

Hi Friends. Introduction to  Java socket programming As a programmer, you must go over some advanced concepts other than traditional data-driven apps like building some interfaces and a database and then execute some commands and load some reports. Network Programming is one important topic if you want to improve your programming skills, So for that, I will …

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Windows server 2016 DNS Role Explained – [The Full Guide]

What is DNS? In simple words, DNS allows us to search the internet using names that we are familiar with instead of IP addresses. Let’s make things simple. In networking, computers and devices can communicate with each other using IP addresses, so when a device want s to send data to another, it uses the target …

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How to be anonymous online – Online privacy

Introduction Before we start going deeper into this topic “How to be anonymous online” let’s see what we will go through this article, So what we will learn here? What is private browsing? Private incognito mode browsing. Deference between dark web and deep net. Using TOR, VPN, and proxies for private browsing. Setting up TAILS Operating …

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