CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study: How to Get $138/Week

Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Welcome to my CJ affiliate marketing case study to help you get started on CJ Affiliate network with a bang. Usually, it takes longer than 3 months to make money online with most affiliate networks. And CJ is not an exception here. 

There may be a lot of questions racing in your mind. How to get started and approved on CJ affiliate? How to make at least $138 per week using Quora Ads. In this post, you’ll get to know answers to these questions and many more. 

Let’s begin right now. 

CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Overview

Here’s the overview of how I made $138 in one week using CJ affiliate network, Quora Ads, and L-ink.Me. Now you may think that the money I have made is too low to long for. But honestly, you can turn $138 to $138K or more. It’s just a start, grab a cup of coffee, and read on.

But what is affiliate marketing in the first place? Well, it refers to making commissions by promoting a product or service you don’t own. This is a case study about earning affiliate commissions using CJ in your first month. Yes, you read that right. And yes, I have said it. 

CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Problem

You sign up for an affiliate network like CJ, provide all the information it needs, and start promoting links. Then what? Well, you usually earn nothing in your first 3 months unless you’ve goldmine email list. So the problem is obvious; not making any affiliate money in your first months. 

CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study: The Solution?

The solution to not making money on affiliate networks like CJ in your first is advertising. But then you may lose your money. Worry not! I’ve come up with a better way to do the advertising for you. Also, have a look at this tool to help you copy the proven ad campaign. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Get Started with CJ Affiliate Network
  2. Create the Helpful Content 
  3. And Run Quora Ads

Getting started with the CJ Affiliate Program is as simple as these three steps.Sounds awesome? Let’s get started! 

Get Started with CJ Affiliate Network (Tutorial)

Getting started and approved at CJ Affiliate network is the first step you would like to take. But first, let’s get to know the CJ Affiliate. 

What is CJ Affiliate Network

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, is one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the world. And it’s been here for over 20 years. It focuses on pay-per-action programs and is a part of a Fortune 500 company called Alliance Data Systems. 

There are more than 3000 merchants enlisted on the CJ Affiliate, from Barnes & Noble to GoPro. It differs from Amazon Associates or ClickBank because of these features:

  • Detailed real-time reporting
  • Tons of products to choose from
  • Get better as you improve as a publisher

And many more. CJ Affiliate roughly pays over $1.8 billion commissions to their publishers. There are a lot of things you can do from personalizing your affiliates to tracking cookies on-the-go. Let’s have a look at the requirements to join the CJ Affiliate network now. 

CJ Affiliate Network Sign-Up Requirements

The good news is that CJ Affiliate network is free to join. But you must be at-least 18 years old and own a website. Why? It’s because the network is geared towards publishers. But you don’t need to have more than one CJ account if you have multiple websites. 

And here’s the word of caution for you:

“Your CJ account may get deactivated if you fail to get results within your first 6 months.”

And that is why I’ve created this CJ affiliate marketing case study to get your bucks fast within your first month. Isn’t it exciting? Let’s see how you can create your account. 

Payment Methods at CJ Affiliate Network

CJ Affiliate offers payments on Net-20 terms which means you'll make your payments within 20 days of the end of the month. It’s important to know that CJ doesn’t pay with PayPal but with Payoneer. I believe it’s a wonderful method to get your payments. 

If you’re living in certain countries as listed on the official site of CJ, you can enjoy direct bank transfers as well. The minimum payment amount at CJ is $100. Provide your Payoneer details in Payment under the Account settings.

How to Create an Account on CJ Affiliate Network

There are tons of affiliate programs available on the CJ network, from electronics to gardening. You will find your product regardless of your niche. And it makes sense to create a CJ account no matter what kind of content you publish. Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to cj.com and sign up as a publisher. Provide accurate information about you and your business or website. 

create your cj account

2. And just like with any other affiliate network, confirm your email address with CJ now. After you do it, CJ takes you to the Publisher Sign Up Form. Fill in your information there and check ‘Accept Terms’ because you know you need to. 

3. Go to your CJ’s dashboard, click ‘Account’ and then choose ‘Network Profile’ given in the dropdown list. Let the CJ know your website description, promotion methods, and documents like a media kit. 

The CJ’s network profile is like a cover letter. So focus on making it professional and lucrative for publishers. When you’re finished, set your administrative settings now. 

4. Provide your payment & tax information to start getting paid on CJ. You can choose Payoneer or direct deposits if you’re from certain countries. 

5. Now is the time to dive into the sea of advertisers on CJ. I believe you should have a basic understanding of HTML as a publisher. Click ‘Advertisers’ and choose your ‘Category’ on CJ’s dashboard. 

For example, I’ve chosen to promote Contabo VPS hosting services for this CJ affiliate marketing case study. 

6. You’ll find three columns in front of every advertiser. Let’s understand each column now.

Network Earnings

It shows how an advertiser performs on CJ Affiliate network. The green bar is based on the volume of commissions paid out to publishers just like you. The longer the green bar, the better it is. 

Earnings Per Click (EPC)

The second column is Earnings Per Click, which shows how much sales you can generate generally. The higher EPC, the better it is. 

Join Program

The third column contains a green button to join an affiliate program. Submit your application using this button if you’re interested in a particular program. However, you’ll need approval from the advertiser. 

After the approval, you can get your affiliate links given next to the advertisers. You can choose from HTML, Javascript, Click or Image URL to get the code containing your affiliate link. You can customize your code, copy and paste it in your website. 

Congratulations! You’ve created your account on CJ and you’re ready to start making affiliate commissions now. But for that, you must create content around your niche. 

Create Valuable Content

Affiliate marketing is a game of patience. And working CJ Affiliate is no exception. Some of the most successful publishers on CJ recommend creating a blog around your niche. And then choose a product related to your niche. 

For example, I’ve chosen to promote Contabo hosting services because it offers a solid bang for bucks. And most of my content on H-Educate is all about creating online businesses which often require hosting. And that’s why I’ve created tons of content around hosting. 

For this CJ affiliate marketing case study, I’ve written this blog post:

How to Install WordPress on Contabo Without cPanel

This blog post helps you install WordPress on Contabo VPS hosting services without using cPanel. I suggest you create a blog post related to the product or services you’re promoting. 

CJ affiliate marketing case study

In this post, I have also revealed why I have chosen Contabo. This helps your audience determine if it's perfect for them as well. Have a look at this section of my blog post.

Just like me, you can also create a content hub based on the products you’ll promote. I have also done the same on H-Educate to talk about the deals of hosting services. Creating such a resource page helps the targeted audience know your top recommendations. 

You’ll not get traction right from the start because you’ve just started creating content around your niche. My recommendation?  Run ads if you want your commissions fast. This way, you’ll save your CJ account from getting deactivated as well. 

Run Quora Ads

There are tons of options for advertising your business across the globe. But what I recommend the most is Quora. Why? It’s because the Quora Ads bring in the most revenue according to the tests I frequently show on my YouTube channel

The number one reason to choose Quora here is that you can run contextual ads. It means the audience already searching for your niche will view your ads. And that makes it more lucrative. You’re more likely to get clicks on Quora than on any other media. 

So what did I do? I ran a Quora ad for a blog post based on Contabo. And I drove the traffic to my blog without directly promoting my affiliate link. And before I did it, I shortened my affiliate link using Link.Me

Why L-ink.Me? It’s a brilliant URL shortening tool to help you rebrand your affiliate link. It boosts the confidence in your audience to click on the link without worrying about spam. After rebranding your affiliate link, start promoting your content. 

I ran a straightforward clickable ad on Quora by entering the link to my blog post and target keywords. Choose your target keyword tags carefully because they’ll determine which audience will see your ads. And you never want to spend more than required. 

Let’s now jump on the FAQs section for this CJ Affiliate case study. 

FAQs on Getting Started with CJ Affiliate Network

In this section, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started with CJ. Ask your question on H-Educate Forums if I haven’t answered it here. Let’s get started. 

What Does CJ Affiliate Do?

CJ Affiliate helps publishers and advertisers come together to make money. You as a publisher can connect with the world’s brands and small businesses as an affiliate. It has the power to reach millions of customers online. 

How Do You Become a CJ Affiliate?

In short, you need to go to cj.com and sign up as a publisher to become a CJ affiliate. Fill in the required information, email address, and your language. Move on to ‘Publisher Sign Up Form’ after clicking the ‘Next’ button. Start promoting your affiliate links now .

Is CJ.Com Legit?

CJ Affiliate has been helping publishers and advertisers to make money online through affiliate programs. It's a completely legit and lucrative way of making money online without a doubt. It’s an incredible affiliate network. 

Does CJ Affiliate Auto Approve?

Advertisers on CJ Affiliate may control the approval. But most of them auto-approve based on set rules. If you want to get approved on CJ Affiliate fast, provide as much information as you can. You would want to pitch yourself in your profile description as well. 

Go to your affiliate product and click on ‘Get Link’ to get your affiliate link. Under the custom code, you will find a link after the ‘a href’ tag. Or you can click on the individual link tab as well. Copy the link and then paste to your affiliate website. 

CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $138 in 1 Week

Too long, didn't read? Watch this video I've created for you on my YouTube channel:

Here’s the summary of what I’ve done in the past week. I have:

1. Created my CJ account

2. Written the related content on my blog

3. Shortened my affiliate links using L-ink.Me

4. Promoted it on Quora for $40 to drive related audience

5. And I got $138 as my revenue (making $98 pure profits)

And you can replicate the process to get the same or better results. I hope you like this CJ Affiliate case study for Quora ads.

Have something to say about this CJ affiliate marketing case study? Please say it loud in the comment section right now. 

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