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  • 7 Important Metrics to Measure on Your WordPress Site

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    Launching a website is great, but the real question is how to measure the performance of your WordPress?

    If you are wondering whether your WordPress website is performing well or not, you need to check the metrics.

    On a monthly basis, it is important to analyse the performance of your website, track your conversions and optimise your strategies.

    There are a few metrics that help you measure the performance of your website. Let’s learn more about them.

    How to Measure Important Metrics in WordPress

    To run a successful business, you must keep an eye on your WordPress website’s performance and optimise it periodically for better results. Guessing is a game. What you have to do is to look at the data and analyse the whole situation.

    The best way to measure your WordPress’s website is MonsterInsights. More than 3 million users use this amazing plugin on their websites.

    It is easy to set up Google Analytics and analyse the data on your dashboard using MonsterInsights.

    Install and Activate Monstersight

    To use Monster Sight and analyse the performance of your website, start with installing Monsterinsights and activate it.

    You can use the free version of MonsterInsights for now as it has the basic features.

    Complete the steps and connect Google Analytics with your WordPress site if you didn’t do it yet.

    Now, open your WordPress dashboard and go to Insights then open the Reports to view all the metrics.

    Here are some of the important metrics that will help you measure the performance of your website.


    A session can be defined as a single visit to your website. It includes all the web pages that the visitor opened. Sessions are the first metric to measure on your website. Just look at the number of sessions in the ‘Overview’ report.

    You can also check the graph that shows the sessions in the 30 days. This metric tells you

    • The number of visitors every day.
    • Whether the traffic is increasing or decreasing.
    • Average session duration to know whether people are enjoying reading your content or not.

    Top Referrals

    If you have some really valuable content, you will see other websites linking your content in the articles. Sometimes, you may also get traffic from those referrals.

    These websites are providing your website backlinks when they link your content which is very helpful to give confidence for your content and increase your Google ranking. By knowing which website is giving you backlinks and which content they are linking, you will be more than ready to focus on this kind of content and style.

    Top Countries

    Knowing which country is driving more traffic to your website is very important. Let’s say 75% of your traffic is Indian. In this case, you would optimise your content to meet their interests.

    For example, you are talking about Bluehost hosting and discussing payment issues which are not available for Indians. You can add a paragraph talking to Indians about the alternative options.

    Top Posts and Pages

    In Monstersights, you can know which posts are driving more traffic than others.

    When you know which articles are getting more views, you can set some changes in your content plan and focus on creating topics similar to the posts and pages which are performing better to drive more traffic.

    Outbound Links

    Don’t be surprised with this important metric, as outbound links are links you put in your content for other websites. You will find them in Monsterinsights Publisher’s report in the Top Outbound Links section.

    You should keep your eyes on these links for 3 reasons:

    • Create partner opportunities with these sites. Get affiliate links and gain a commission when your visitor buys their services.
    • Tell them that you have created a backlink for them, and asked them to provide you with a backlink.
    • Read their content and try to create an article like theirs and publish it to keep the visitors on your website.


    The demographics show you the age, gender and interests of your audience. In this case, you can understand them more and create content that meets their interests.

    For example, if most of your visitors are 25-year-old females, you can promote modern, female perfume instead of choosing a random product.

    Top Google Search Terms

    Did you know that Monsterinsights shows you the top 50 keywords which people type in Google to find your website?

    These keywords are driving organic traffic to your site. When analysing the report, you will now choose similar search terms and write about them to grow your organic traffic.

    Site Speed

    Tracking the speed of your site is essential and considered one of the most important metrics to measure the performance of your website. The higher your site speed is, the better it is for SEO and performance.

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