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  • How do you do Keyword Research?

    Posted by H-educate on October 1, 2022 at 8:49 am

    When a user wants to search for something, he types a word or phrase. This is the keyword. When you do keyword research, you look for the terms used by users to find certain information, and use it in your content. In this case, whenever someone search for this term, he will find your content

    What is the purpose of keyword research?

    With keyword research, you go deeper in your audience’s minds and discover how they think, what they need to know, what they are looking for, what phrases they use when searching online, etc…

    Then you can craft. your content according to the results.

    Can I do keyword research for free?

    There are many free and paid tools to find keywords for free. They can give you hundreds of relevant keyword results to use in your content. Most tools also give you some extra information like the level of competition and CPC which helps you determine what is better for your content.

    Here are the best 5 keyword research tools:

    • SEMrush: This is a paid keyword tool that help you get the keywords you need for your article, as well as some extra info like organic search and paid search volume, backlinks, etc…
    • KWFinder: Although it is one of the best paid tools for getting keywords, it also allows you to do a limited number of keyword researches for Free..
    • Google Keyword Planner: This is a free keyword research tool from Google to help you get keywords for your content and ads.
    • H-supertools: It is the free keyword research tool that gives up to 50 keywords for each phrase you search for. It also gives the difficulty of the word and CPC. You can search for an unlimited number of keywords.
    • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: This paid tool helps you get all the keywords you want as well as difficulty, CPC, related questions, etc…

    The 5 tools are extremely amazing, but you need to find what suits your goals.

    For me, I use h-supertools because it is fast and easy to use. I can search for all the keywords I need in a few minutes.

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