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  • How to set up Cloudflare for WordPress?

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    Before using Cloudflare for anything, you need to connect your site to it, as it must be able to manage your domain’s nameservers.

    To achieve all that, you have to change your domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare,. Let’s do it…

    1. Create your free Cloudflare account

    Go to Cloudflare website and sign up.

    Add your site by typing your domain name that you want to use with Cloudflare and click on “Add site” :

    Choose the free plan now, then you can upgrade later.

    2. Verify DNS records

    Cloudflare will automatically scan your site’s DNS records after choosing a plan.

    You will see an orange cloud next to your main domain name, which means that everything is going great.

    Now, just click Continue.

    3. Update nameservers to point towards Cloudflare

    Now, go to Cloudflare will give you a new set of nameservers to replace your existing nameservers:

    Changing the nameservers depends on the nameserver provider.

    If you are using Namecheap, here what to do:

    Here’s how the domain name looks before before connecting it to Cloudflare:

    And here’s what it looks like after copying the nameservers and pasting here to point towards Cloudflare:

    Now, after pasting and changing your domain’s nameservers, go back to the Cloudflare interface and click the “Done check nameservers button”.

    Note: It takes up to 24 hours for nameservers to be updated.

    4. Configure some basic settings

    On the next page:

    Select the Full option to secure traffic at your site.

    and also helps your site get the green

    You can also configure:

    • Minification: Do it in case you are not using a plugin that does that.
    • Brotli: Enable brotli to Gzip.

    Then, click Done.

    5. Verify that your connection is complete

    Now, you will see the message below. Wait 24 hours till they are updated

    Wait a few hours then check the now button to see if the updates are finished.

    Once, the nameservers have updated, you will see the success message below:

    How to configure the official Cloudflare WordPress plugin (optional)

    You can install the Cloudflare plugin to make it easier to configure some of the most important settings and manage some important Cloudflare settings from your WordPress dashboard.

    1. Install the Cloudflare plugin

    Go to the WordPress dashboard, plugins, install new, then install the Cloudflare plugin.

    II. Connect to Cloudflare account

    When you install and activate the cloudflare plugin, go to Settings and choose Cloudflare.

    Sign in with your email and Cloudflare API key.

    Then, click Save API Credentials.

    III. Optimise Cloudflare settings

    When you finish activating the plugin, you will see an Optimise Cloudflare for WordPress option.

    Select Apply to optimise the settings of Cloudflare:

    And that’s it, the Cloudflare plugin is done!

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