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  • How to Test Your Site Performance

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    The best tool to test your site performance is Google PageSpeed Insights. It is a totally free tool that can help every website owner to find all the problems in his website and help him to fix them.

    It is very easy to test your site performance with Google PageSpeed Insights. All you need to do is to follow these tips:

    1. Visit the site which tests the performance: Google PageSpeed Insight
    2. Type the URL of your webpage.
    3. Click Analyze Button

    This tool takes a few seconds only to analyze your website and generate a complete report of advanced info about each part of your website

    The results as so helpful starting from a score that tells you how your website is performing and a list of the found problems, as well as a variety of recommendations to fix everything.

    The score tells you how your website is performing, and it is divided into 3 degrees:

    • Good: Scores of 90-100. This means that your website is performing well.
    • Needs Improvement: Scores of 50-89. This means that you must do some improvements to your website so it performs better.
    • Poor: Scores of 1-49. This means that the performance of your website is very low, and you need to take fast and serious action to solve the problems and improve them.

    The given results and recommendations can show you where the problems in your website are, so you can fix them. After fixing everything, you will see a positive change in your website performance.


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