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  • How to use Caching Plugins?

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    To optimize your website loading speed, you have to use caching plugins. W3 Total Cache Plugin and Autoptimize Plugin are the best caching plugins for WordPress. They help you by caching, minify and CDN support. Let’s learn how to install and use them.

    How to optimize your website by caching with W3 Total Cache with your WordPress?

    • Open your WordPress dashboard.
    • Click “Plugins” in the left side menu, then select“Add new” to add W3 total cache.
    • Type the plugin name in the search box and click the search icon.
    • You should see the “W3 Total Cache” plugin by BoldGrid in the search results.
    • It will appear as the first choice. Click on “Install Now” to install it then activate.
    • Now Go back to the left side menu and select “Performance”.
    • select the “Dashboard” to open the plugin’s tab.
    • Select the “compatibility check” to get the results.
    • The plugin has many features, so you have to check the results to find out what works with your site.
    • Now, select “Performance” again and choose “General Settings” of the Plugin.
    • The “Page Cache” section will open. Choose “Enable” next to which is next to Page Cache, and “Disk: Basic” as a Page Cache Method. You can set “Disk: Enhanced” of your compatibility report from the previous step provided you with information that your site is compatible with this feature.
    • Then go to the “Minify” section and choose “Enable” which is next to Minify, “Auto” as a Minify Mode, and “Disk” as a Minify Cache Method, then keep them as “default”.
    • Now go to the last section which is the “Database Cache” section. Select “Enable” for the database cache and “Disk” as a “Database Cache Method”.
    • Finally, you have finished. You can click on “Save Settings & Purge Cache” to save everything.

    —————————————————————-Optimize your website by caching with Autoptimize Plugin

    • Open your WordPress dashboard and install the Autoptimize plugin by Frank Goossens in the search results then Activate it.
    • In the left side menu, select Settings and choose the “Autoptimize” option.
    • The tab of “Autoptimize” will open,select the “JS, CSS & HTML” tab.
    • Check the boxes which are found next to “Optimize JavaScript Code?”, “Optimize CSS Code?”, and all other boxes under “Misc Options”.
    • Save the edits by clicking “Save Changes and Empty Cache”.

    Congratulations, the Autoptimize Plugin is active now

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