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  • What are Broken Links and How to Fix Them?

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    A broken link is usually related to an non-existing page. There are many reasons for having a broken link including:

    The link comes from an external website which is offline by now.

    The link belongs to an old page which is deleted or moved to another link.

    A visitor mistyped the URL by adding or removing certain letters.

    The webmaster ( for any reason) changed

    The website’s permalink structure is changed by the webmaster ( for any reason).

    Broken links can really harm your website by providing a bad user experience. Additionally, when your visitors leave quickly from your site, your site’s ranking will decrease.

    How to Check Broken Links in WordPress?

    To check the broken links in WordPress, you can use Broken Link Checker. All the links of your pages, categories, posts, comments, and more can be monitored by this free plugin.

    If any broken link exists, the plugin will display a notification on your WordPress admin dashboard and will send you an email as well.

    Installing Broken Link Checker.

    We will start by downloading Broken Link Checker:

    Open your WordPress dashboard.

    Go to plugins. Search for Broken Link Checker. And install it then activate it.

    Go to Settings then Link Checker to check whether or not you have any broken links.

    Determine which links you wanna look for and Which Links to Check?You can manage which links you wanna check as shown in the image below. Whether you wanna check links of posts, comments, pages, images, etc… you just have to tick the box.

    In this tab, you will tell the plugin about the types of links which you wanna check. The default settings mean checking HTML links, images, and embedded YouTube videos.

    How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress?

    Now, as we already discussed how to set the settings of the plugin as well as how to check the broken links, it is time to fix them.

    Go to your dashboard.

    Go to Tools then Broken Links.

    Check the dead link URL, their status, their anchor text and their source.

    Fix the broken links or redirect them to another available link ( an old or a new one).

    Check them again to know whether they are fixed or not.


    Although having broken links doesn’t highly affect the SEO of your website, it will harm your Google search ranking. Therefore, it is better to fix them as soon as possible.

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