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  • What Are LSI Keywords?

    Posted by H-educate on October 1, 2022 at 8:58 am

    Besides keywords, LSI keywords are the second important factor for getting organic visitors from Google. LSI keywords are the synonyms of your main keywords. They help search engines understand what your article is talking about.

    Although Google used to look at the number of keywords in your article, the target keyword density is not the only concern now. Web crawlers look more at LSI keywords to get extra information about your main keyword and topic.

    Let’s say your article is about email marketing. Google will check your introduction, body, conclusion, title, meta description, Slug, and image alt text for your keyword and LSI keywords. They may include phrases like “email server,” “email content,” “sender,” etc…

    Are All LSI Keywords Synonyms?

    LSI Keywords are all the related terms to the main keyword including its synonyms. You must use more than one LSI keyword in your content in a helpful way to help Google as well as the readers to get a better idea about what your article is talking about. In this way, you get a better ranking.

    How can you find the right LSI keywords?

    As you knew by now what are LSI keywords and why are they used, it is time to learn how to find them:

    1. Find LSI keywords in the “Related Searches” in Google and “People may ask” section

    One of the easiest, free ways to check LSI keywords is to put your keyword in Google search bar, then scroll down to the “People may ask” section where you will find some related questions. These are LSI keywords.

    You can also scroll down more to the “Related Searches” section. These are also LSI keywords.

    By this simple, free way, you will get maximum 10-8 LSI keywords which you can add in your content.

    2. LSIGraph

    LSI Graph is a more advanced way to get a list of LSI keywords. LSIGraph is a free tool where you have to type your main keyword in the search bar then click generate.

    You will get a big number of LSI keywords as well as the search volume, CPC, trend and many other details.

    However, they won’t be organized in any particular order.

    1. Google Autocomplete

    Google also offers an easy way to discover LSI terms. It is the autocomplete feature on Google.

    To get LSI keywords, when you type your main keyword, you will be given multiple suggestions from Google. Take all the bold ones and use them in your content.

    4. Snippets

    When you type a certain keyword in Google, you get the top articles on the first page. Each result is shown as a title and description where the description has bolded phrases. Three phases are LSI keywords.

    Let’s say you typed “sunflower oil,” Google will give you results with highlighted phrases that are LSI keywords. In this case, we say a few words in bold like “sunflower seed” as in the image below in bold.

    5. Google Image Tags

    The secret of finding LSI keywords is via Google image tags. This is a very effective way for those who know how to use it correctly.

    All you have to do is type your main keyword in Google images. Let’s say we typed the keyword, “off-page.” You will get short terms as in the screen above. These LSI keywords which you must use in your content.

    Optimizing your content with LSI Keywords Remember that you can’t just fill your content with keywords and LSI keywords. You have to present them naturally in your title, sub-headings, meta description, introduction, body, and conclusion.

    Notice that LSI keywords are not always easy to add. Sometimes, they are grammatically wrong or there is no place for them. to be added without bothering the reader. Therefore, you should try to find a smart way to optimize your post with these keywords.

    You may add questions about the LSI keywords and answer them in the content, or use them in defining the main terms.

    Typically, the ideal density for the main keyword is 1.5%. However, for LSI keywords, there isn’t any specific rule or estimate to go ahead with. You can add them wherever it is naturally possible.

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