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  • What are the types of Hosting and How to choose a Good Hosting?

    Posted by H-educate on October 1, 2022 at 9:40 am

    Every WordPress needs a domain and hosting. The stronger and more secure your hosting is, the better your website will be. Therefore, you should choose a hosting that meets your budget and needs at the same time. When it comes to hosting options, you find many types of web hosting available in the market. Each has unique features to make your experience as successful as possible. Let’s know more about these types in this article.

    Main types of hostings

    Hostings are one of the main constituents of your website. You cannot run a website without hosting. However, there are many kinds of hostings and each one has its own dashboard, capacity, control, server, technical knowledge requirement, server speed, etc. Here are the top 3 types of web hosting. Know them so you can easily find what meets your needs:

    1- Shared hosting

    Shared hosting is the most popular hosting for beginners. Whether you are a new blogger, a small business owner, a freelancer thinking of promoting his gigs on a website for someone who is just starting his way, shared hostings are the perfect choice for you.

    The price of shared hostings is usually low because your website is hosted with many other websites on the same server. Thus, all domains are sharing the RAM, CPU, and other server resources. (Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit).

    In addition to being affordable for beginners, most shared hosting plans come with some useful tools to help website owners in developing their website easily like website builders, email services and many more.

    On the other hand, sharing the server with other website owners can sometimes affect the user experience of your website which affects the ranking in Google.

    If you are a beginner, or you don’t expect a lot of traffic, go for shared hostings like Bluehost or Hostinger.

    2- Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

    When it comes to choosing between a shared server and a dedicated server, a VPS hosting plan is the best choice. Yeah, it is a fact. A VPS server is perfect for website owners that want to have more control, but cannot deal. with a dedicated server.

    When using VPS hosting, your website will be hosted on a separate server while sharing another physical server with other users.

    Although more customization and storage space are provided with VPS hosting, this type of host still finds it hard to receive high traffic levels.

    However, even with VPS hostings, your website can still be affected slightly by other websites hosted on the same server.

    Eventually, VPS hostings are used by website owners who want more control. In other words, those who want to work with dedicated hosting but they lack the needed technical knowledge choose VPS for their websites, especially since it comes with an acceptable price and suitable package installations. There are a lot of great companies providing VPS servers like vultr and contabo.

    3- Managed hosting

    If you prefer to have a dedicated server which you use for your website only and you have complete control over it, then managed hostings are the best choice for you. This kind of hosting is an IT provisioning model. In this case, the service provider leases the website owner a dedicated server and associated hardware which he uses alone like we do on our website archive.h-educate.com

    The provider offers all services related to hardware and software setup, configuration, and replacement as well as monitoring, maintenance, updating, patching, and other technical services.

    Which is best for you?

    The best way to choose the best host for. your business is to decide which meets your needs. Ask yourself about the niche of your website, the expected traffic, your budget, your target, etc… then choose the plan that meets your goals.

    Choose a shared hosting if you are a beginner expecting low traffic. Choose managed hosting if you are building a complex business and have some technical knowledge. However, VPS hosting is the best option for websites that completed the first stage and starting to have more traffic.

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