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  • Where to Include Your Target Keyword?

    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 7:53 pm

    Whether you are a business website owner, blogger, affiliate marketer or just a beginner trying to take his first step, you must have heard about the term “Keyword”.

    The keyword is a word that tells search engines what your content is about. It can be one word or several ones( long-tail keywords).

    You must smartly use your keyword in your content to make it clear for your search engines without repeating it a lot and upsetting your visitors.

    Why do keywords matter?

    When you wanna search for something on Google, you type a word or a phrase to get an article talking about what you want.

    This is also a keyword. If your search keyword matches the keyword you targeted in your content, your content will appear in the search results.

    Where To Use Keywords For SEO

    Using keywords many times in your content is important. However, you can’t use it randomly.

    The best places to add your keywords are:

    1. Page Titles

    The title tells your reader as well as the search engines what your article is talking about. Therefore, you need a catchy title to catch your visitor’s attention. However, you should optimise your title by using your target keyword.

    The best practice when it comes to SEO is to use your target keyword or phrase (if it is a long-tail keyword) at the beginning of the page title.

    1. Meta Descriptions

    After the title, the meta description is the second most important area where you must include your target keyword.

    The meta description tells Google about your content, so it must include your targeted keyword and LSI keyword. Additionally, when someone types a keyword in the search box, the search results display a title and description. Therefore, your meta description must include your keyword to encourage people to click.

    1. Subheadings

    Subheadings (H2, H3) are so important to make your content readable and scannable. Some readers read your subheadings before deciding whether they wanna read your content or not.

    Thus, you have to include your target keyword in your subheadings to catch your reader’s attention and tell them that your content is relevant to their needs.

    1. Content

    Make sure to mention your keyword in the introduction. It would be better to place it in the first line of the introduction.

    Then you should include it at least once in each paragraph and once in the conclusion.

    However, you need to avoid keyword stuffing.

    1. Images

    Images are indexed just like the written content. Therefore, alt images are also a great place to locate your keywords. However, the image and keyword should be related to each other, and don’t just throw your keywords in all images.

    1. URLs

    URLs are not just some strings of numbers, dashes, and weird characters. Those can be a big reason for having more visitors to your site.

    Search engines as well as visitors like to see optimized URLs. So, you have to optimize your URL with your target keywords and make it more attractive, friendly and encouraging to be clicked.

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