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  • Why is it important to keep WordPress updated?

    Posted by H-educate on October 1, 2022 at 8:53 am

    Every couple of months, your plugins themes, plugins and even WordPress need to be updated. These updates help the website owner to keep his website safe, fast, responsive and bug free. Additionally, updating WordPress guarantees having all the newest features, good experience as well as better compatibility.

    How often should WordPress and plugins be updated?

    In general, WordPress updates happen twice a year, while plugin updates take place every few months. However, some hosting providers update your WordPress core automatically.

    Why should you update your plugins?

    Whenever the developer of a plugin find a problem, he fixes it features are added

    Plugin updates usually contain new features, patches and fixes to certain problems, additional security issues, etc…

    Therefore, you need to keep your plugin updated to protect your website against any attack.

    How to Properly Update WordPress Plugins

    The WordPress system is amazing when it comes to updates. Whenever an update is available for your WordPress (the plugins, themes, and even the WordPress core software), the system sends a notification to tell you.

    Or you can do it manually by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Updates.

    For plugins, you will see a notification under each plugin which needs updating.

    Just click on “Update now” to update it.

    Bulk Update WordPress Plugins

    In case there are many updates to be done, click on “Update Available” in the Plugins page to filter only the plugins with available updates.

    Then select them all and choose and click on “Bulk Action” then select Update.

    Click on “Apply” and wait a few seconds.

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