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    Posted by H-educate on September 28, 2022 at 7:57 pm

    Previously, people used to write for search engines. They placed their keywords here and there as well as their LSI keywords without any attention for what the reader wants.

    Today, this is not accepted anymore. You may be punished if you focus on search engines only. However, you will be rewarded if you write for people. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and write what they need to know.

    You will have good user experience, and Google will be happy of you and carry you to the first page.

    How to create good content for people

    Here are a few tips to write excellent content for your readers:

    1. Don’t Create Content You Don’t Like

    The first reason for writing awful content is writing about something you don’t like. Your feelings, desires and ideas will crawl into your sentences. The reader can feel it. Your content will lack passion. Therefore, do yourself a favour, and choose a topic you are interested in, so you can deliver good quality.

    1. Think What Your Clients Want To See

    One of the best ways to write for people is to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what they want to see and read. Then you craft your writing according to their needs. This will help you think from the second view of point and come up with great topic ideas.

    You can also ask your friends or make surveys to know how they think.

    1. Create Unique Content.

    No one wanna read copied content, so don’t just copy and paste the others’ contents. Even if you want to go viral, try to add your own touch to the content. Do the research and add more info to your topic. Show your readers that you know what you are talking about.

    1. Bring People in With Strong Headlines.

    Headlines are the keys of every piece of content. They are the first thing that catches the readers’ attention when they look at your content. Having attractive headlines can bring your readers’ attention to your writing, while boring headlines can make them skip it.

    1. Write Content that is Easy to Follow and Understand.

    To gain your readers’ loyalty, you have to make sure that your content is easy to follow and understand by all your audience. Don’t just keep the SEO standards in your mind, but remember that there are tons of people out there with different reading skills who will read your content. So make sure to make it as easy as possible.

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