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Build your authority & Get More Sales

Hi fellow instructor.

We all Know as instructors, that one of the most important and difficult steps in the way of online teaching is Marketing.

For this reason, I want to announce my project that may help you in marketing your courses and get you more sales. And of course for free.

The Project:

I am developing my New Academy, and it will be ready soon. It provides three main services:

  • Online Free courses (published inside the website)
  • Guest posting.
  • Online Free Support (Forums)
  • And some other services and resources.

You may ask, “How this can help market my courses and get me more sales?

Ok, The Idea is that we will publish your free courses on our platform and we will post ads for your premium courses on our site.

We will take care of marketing our website to drive traffic, then students will see ads for your premium courses on our website.

Also, we will have a dedicated page for posting your premium courses with links to Udemy or any other platform that you host your courses on.

The links to your premium courses are not affiliated links, it is your links that you send us.

Guest posting

On the other hand, You can post articles and links to your courses or website or any other place. and since we will drive traffic to our website the people will read your articles and may link to your premium courses.

Also, you can think of increasing your reach for more students to point them to your own website or platform.

And in the (forums) Q&A section, you can interact with students, and what we have a dedicated team that will answer the student’s questions if you don’t have time for that (of course we encourage you to interact with students to increase your presence)

Joining our platform

In order to join our platform, you need to offer us at least one free course to publish on our website. it has to be 25 minutes at least and you can publish one of your existing courses, it doesn’t need to be a new course.

The main point that this course must be free on our platform and all other platforms, you can’t publish a course for free on our website which is paid somewhere else, this is against the policies.

Important Note: The course must be free for a lifetime, and you don’t have the permission to change into paid later or remove it.

Your free course must meet some qualifications and some quality meters that we will check before posting your course.

What if you don’t have a free course?

You can still join by publishing 3 articles on our website, (it must be at least 1500 words)

Now What?

After joining our system, and publishing your free courses, articles, or your other services. we will publish advertisements and links to your premium courses on our website.

To start please contact us on our support email: support@h-educate.com