Digital Ocean VPS | Install Windows 10/2012 On Digital Ocean

Hi, everyone, as you know, by default Digital Ocean Cloud Services till now has no Windows Images to install on their servers.

So you can’t install Windows operating system on a Digital Ocean Droplet as you do in Amazon AWS, google cloud, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud services that allow Windows Installations.

And especially we are talking here about a Windows 10 VPS.

So, In this video, I want to break the rules! And I will show you how to install and run a Windows 10/Windows server 2012 Droplet Machine on Digital Ocean Cloud in less than 10 minutes.

The operation is 100% working and testing more than 2000 Times. If you have any problem, you can check the support links below.

Here is a step by step Video:


1- Create a New Ubuntu Droplet

2- Turn off the machine

3- Set recovery mode to boot from ISO

4- Turn On The machine

5- Run Interactive Shel (6)

6- Set the root password using the following command:

sudo passwd root

7- Connect to your Machine using Putty – Download From this link

8- Run the Windows Deployment Command:

For Windows 10:

wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda

For Windows 2012:

wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda

9- After the command finishes, turn off the machine and set it back to boot from hard disk in the recovery section in the digital ocean droplet management dashboard.

10. Turn on the droplet.

11 – Login with the following user and password:

Password: P@ssword64

Configure Networking, set the IP, SubNet, and the gateway as given in the console window in the right corner.

12  – Done, Connect with RDP Client.



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3 thoughts on “Digital Ocean VPS | Install Windows 10/2012 On Digital Ocean”

  1. i have a problem while doing network settings. I was typed the ip gateway and netmask. but when i click the OK button there is an alert view appeared and wrote this message:

    “””Warning – The default gateway is not on the same network segment (subnet) that is defined by the IP address and subnet mask. Do you want to save this configration?””””

    At the first i was clicked the YES button but there was no internet connection. And then i tried to Troubleshoot Network Setting. Droplet has shutted down.

    I tried to restart droplet but it didn’t work again. Any advice? Thank you

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