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5 thoughts on “HTML Send email async sxample”

  1. This is not working properly, something (some detail) is missing.

    When setting it up as instructed, the following is output in the web browser when submitting the form:

    result “success”
    data “{\”name\”:[\”The Big P\”],\”message\”:[\”This is what shows up in the \\\”message\\\” section.\”],\”email\”:[\”\”]}”

    The email is sent to google and to the spreadsheet, but the “website” appears broken because of the text above. Also, because of the output string, I don’t see a way to link back to the websites home page after form submission.

    What is the advantage of doing this over just using the “mailto:” tag?

    1. Hassan Aboul Hassan

      HI friend, I attached to examples, the first one is the basic example which returns what you mentioned, the second one will return a normal page on your website that you can customize, please download the second example and test.
      Secondly, the advantage is that you are sending emails from within your website and not using outlook or mailing software.

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