Hack The Internet And Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Using 6 platforms in parallel to generate insane amounts of traffic

According to SimilarWeb, H-educate gets around 140k visitors in traffic each month as of the creation of this article. Is the number a little underwhelming? These are a hundred sixteen thousand people visiting the website every month. Not so underwhelming now, is it?

In addition to the blog, H-supertools gets between 115k to 200k views per month. Considering that both of these websites are relatively new, these numbers are awe-inspiring. How exactly was that achieved? Enter The Traffic Bomber Method

Why is driving traffic to your website so Important?

If you wish to run your own business nowadays, there is no denying that you need a website. When they are interested in anything, the first thing people do is go straight to Google and look-up whatever they're curious about. If you want to be found, you simply have to have a website.

Let's say you do have a website, one that you poured your heart and soul into. On your website, you're advertising the finest selection of whatever, the BEST in the market. However, a few months go by, and your website is not selling as well as you expected it to. The problem is simple: You're not getting enough traffic.

One of the greatest difficulties marketers encounter is figuring out how to drive traffic to their affiliate links. In fact, any serious website owner looking to grow their business online should focus mainly on overcoming this obstacle.

How to drive traffic to your content?

There are several means to generate traffic to your website; you can do it for free relying on organic traffic or invest in ad campaigns and e-mail marketing campaigns.

I will talk about one method, in particular, that is absolutely free. This method is not a secret; the most successful marketers use it. As shown in this video, the traffic bomber is simply copying your original content and pasting it on several websites.

If you would like to read about other methods you can use to get traffic to your website, please check our article on the matter. And if you would rather save yourself some time reading, don't worry, as we have a video that should be well worth your while.

The Traffic Bomber

From social media, Q&A websites to YouTube, you have within your reach countless means to drive traffic to your website. Among the innumerable options, I will be talking about six free and most useful websites. Using these websites in conjunction, you will be driving 100s of thousands of views to your website every month. The websites I mentioned are:

How to hack the internet and drive insane traffic to your website for free using these six massive platforms simultaneously.

The idea behind using these websites to publish your content is simply because of how massive they are. Each one of these websites attracts hundreds of thousands of visits daily. Therefore, people will find your content much easier with the help of these platforms.


First of all, Linkedin. Today, Linkedin has over 675 million users and gets over a Billion visitors a month! So, if you don't have an account, I suggest you make one right away.

On Linkedin, you have the option to write articles. Say you already have an article you wish to promote; all you have to do is copy your article and paste it on your Linkedin profile. It won't even take a minute!

Posting articles on linkedin

Don't paste your links on your wall. ِAgain, Linkedin gives you the option to write articles. Simply copy your article, and paste it on your wall or in a group in which you are a participant.

Linkedin articles


Then, we have Quora. According to Wikipedia, in 2020, 590 million unique people visited Quora a month. Think about all the potential attention your content would be getting if you share it on Quora, and as a result, all the traffic your website would get.

Quora spaces

You can create your own space or become a contributor in as many spaces as you can on Quora. You can find a space for almost anything; so, find spaces related to your website's topic or create one if you can't find any.

There, you can paste your articles or snippets of them, making featured images using Canva to make them look appealing. Again, it won't take a minute!

Posting articles on quora

It goes without saying that you should include hyperlinks referring to your actual content on your website. If your articles are appealing enough, people will be compelled to read them. And if your content is providing value, they will be more likely to visit your website to check out more of your content. Learn more tips and tricks about Quora in this article.


Moreover, Medium gets over 200 thousand visits monthly. If you don't have your own blog, you can publish your articles on Medium. It's made specifically for articles. So, you can treat your profile page on Medium as your own blog.

Medium doesn't differentiate between long time established members and newbies. That means that Medium's algorithm will suggest your content to people who would not have heard of you. Basically, making it easier to grow your audience from scratch.

After creating your profile, you can start searching for content that is related to yours. Like other platforms, you can follow people who write on topics that might interest you. Before starting to get followers yourself, you have to make yourself visible. To do so, I recommend you follow people, take the time to get acquainted with their work and engage them by commenting regularly.

Posting articles on Medium

After getting familiar with the platform and getting inspiration from other people's content, you can write stories. Stories are basically articles; you can write a new article from scratch or paste one you've already written on your blog.

Posting articles on Medium


Furthermore, “Mix is a new personalized discovery platform that unlocks more of the internet you care about.” Mix gets over 1 million views a month. Mix can get you more exposure to your content from an audience that you naturally would not reach. Mix is a relatively new platform, formerly known as Stumbleupon. It offers an easy way to find, share, and create content with others.

Mix preface

On Mix, it will take you even less time to publish your article; all you have to do is paste your link, and the website will redirect people to your content on your website. Simply click on the plus icon next to your profile, paste the link you wish to share, and Mix will do the rest.

Posting links on Mix


Also, Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that gives you access to ideas, recipes, home styling inspirations, and much more. Pinterest is a powerful tool, as people on Pinterest tend to use the search function more than on Facebook and other social platforms. Because of that, it's very likely for your article to be found.

Using pinterest pins to get traffic

One feature about Pinterest that makes it ideal for marketers is that it doesn't only allow the usage of outbound links, but it also encourages it. If you're new to Pinterest, don't be intimidated as it is very user friendly.

Using pinterest pins to get traffic

On your profile, you'll have the option to create pins. Pins are similar to Instagram stories in structure. You can select an image or a series of images in a specific order, adding a short description to tell people what your content is about. All while attaching links to your pins that should lead them to your actual article. You can use Canva to resize your images so they can fit a pin on Pinterest.


Finally, Slideshare is a hosting service for professional content such as presentations, infographics, documents, and videos. Using Slideshare takes a little more of your time. On Slideshare, you can upload a simplified version of your article as a PDF in the form of a slide.

Posting articles on slideshare

If you have a Linkedin account, you can use it to sign in to Slideshare. As I mentioned earlier, using Slideshare will require a little more of your time because it allows you to upload files as PDFs only.


Each one of these websites attracts hundreds of thousands of people every single day; they're massive! They're completely optimized for search engines, and their ranking on Google is top-notch. So, by posting on these platforms, you would be benefiting from their SEO ranking, increasing the likeability of your website popping up in people's search results on google and other search engines.

And the way it works, people either use one platform at a time for certain periods of time and rarely have the time to keep up with all of them. Therefore, by posting your content on all 6 of these platforms, you would be attracting viewers and users that are unique to each of the 6.

How to hack the internet and drive insane traffic to your website for free using these six massive platforms simultaneously.

Here you have it, guys, this is the Traffic Bomber. Thank you for reading so far. I hope this article helps you get more traffic to your links. Please don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn to get the most of what I have to offer. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see videos about similar topics. I’m looking forward to reading your comments below!

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  1. Hasan ,you ideas are realistic to create bomber traffic. I definitely apply the same
    your video is awesome. Thanks for giving valuable tips ,

  2. I Watch Your Video On Traffic Bomber On YouTube It’s Really The Best Method To Get Traffic. I Started On Quora & Medium And I Also Started My New Blog Where I Write Blogs About Online Tools Or Seo Tools. I Follow H-Educate All Videos and Really Videos Are Change My Online Journal So Thank You So Much Hassan For Helping.

  3. Bro Hasan, This article made me to re-think, regroup and adjust my strategy. Reading this article over and over again plus watched your video on Traffic Bomber. I have been an avid fan of your YouTube channel, blog, FB group from the time of my accidental hop to one of your videos. Thanks again for all the superb guidance.

    I cannot thank you enough for changing my life plus the lives of many readers, viewers and audience.

  4. I am a regular follower and admirer of your all information and help. God bless you brother (Hasan). I’m from Bangladesh and love you for your appropriate guide. Take Care and Be Safe.

  5. Hi Hassan,
    i love your youtube videos, and checked today your blog, amazing Ma sha Allah, Brother i have two questions

    1# You are getting a ton of Direct traffic, whats the strategy behinde it? Please share if possible?

    2/ You are also getting ton of traffic from social media websites? Which plugin are you using that enables you auto-post your content on these website for getting Free-social media traffic..please share Details

    3/ I check that from Google you are not getting so much traffic but direct traffic and social media traffic have exploded dramatically . Thats why i wanna know what the secret sauce?


    Mohammad Atef

  6. Won’t posting the same content on multiple platforms be flagged as duplicate content on Google across several URLs?

    1. It’s your content friend, not coping from somewhere else.
      now if you want the best practice, create another version of the same article or content.

  7. These methods are really impressive, but there’s one another impressive method. It is “YouTube”.

    I think you get your almost all traffic from Youtube.

  8. I have read this article repeatedly, any time I go over it, i learn new things. It has exposed me to the power all these platform. I have always focused on Quora till now. Keep it up.

  9. Great job Hassan am of your followers on all social media.

    As a blogger, I’m fully aware of the power of getting free traffic from social media. But honestly, I didn’t work on all of them. I’m very active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

    And while reading this article, I get new ideas and ways to promote my blog content.

    Thanks to your efforts to share authentic and trusted ways to improve our own businesses so that we can start making money online.

    All the best Brother Hassan,

  10. I started researching how to make money from home about 9 moths ago and I stumbled across one of your posts.
    It instantly clicked in my head that I wanted to learn what you were teaching so I started to look for your content everywhere I could find it.
    You inspired me to be a research based affiliate marketer.
    I answer questions on Quora now and my reputation is growing.
    I get 10 to 15 direct requests for my answers and its because of the many things that I have learned watching and reading your content.
    For this and other things, I owe you a great deal of gratitude!
    Thank you for generously sharing your tips and strategies.
    You are appreciated!


  11. Of course, these methods are very ok, but what is not said in every article of this kind is that first, you need FOLLOWERS to get traffic.
    You will never be able to get traffic if you just make an account on Pinterest or LinkedIn or Facebook or whatever and BOOM, the traffic will explode. More – in these times is very hard to achieve traffic, compared to 5-7 years ago.
    So, the method is correct, but it’s far from an easy-peasy secret formula. 🙂

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    I was following your YouTube ideas, I have started a YouTube channel but getting traffic is quite hard…

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