Email Marketing Toolkit

The Free Email Marketing Tools That Every Email Marketer Should have!

Email Marketing Toolkit is a small application that provides multiple important tools for every email marketer.

What makes it Perfect, is that it’s 100% Free.

The Email Marketing Toolkit

Here is a list if tools available in version 1 of the Email Marketing Toolkit:

Warm-Up Schedule Generator: This tool helps you generate the warm-up schedule depending on you email sending volume.

List Splitter: Helps you Split your Email Lists by Domains or by Number of Emails.

Email Extractor: Extracts Emails From any text in seconds.

Is Disposable: Checks any Email If Disposable or not!

Port 25 Status: Checks if Port 25 is opened or blocked by your ISP.

Subject Line Tester: Test Your Subject Line Score Before Sending Any Campaign.

And More Tools Coming Soon!

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Email Marketing toolkit

Download The Email Marketing Toolkit here

This Software is 100% Free… Enjoy!
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