12 Email Outreach Tools That Can Boost Your Link Building Game


The email may be as old as the Internet itself, but it indeed remains one of the primary ways through which we communicate online. It persists despite newer technologies like instant messaging. Indeed, many people and businesses prefer it as a formal means of online communication. 

Email in SEO

Email serves different purposes to different users. Marketers, for instance, use it to generate leads or find B2B clients for their growing business. For SEO specialists, however, email is a way to further the search engine visibility of their web pages. 

The email has been a crucial part of many search engine optimization strategies for quite a while now. It is primarily used to pitch a site to people who can potentially link back to it and boost its SEO profile. It surely has become integral to many link building strategies, and it will remain as such in many years to come.

There are many proven ways to build links, and email plays a major role in many link building strategies. We can further boost the power of email with the right tools. Here is a list of applications that you can use to improve your link building email outreach. 

Lead prospecting

Every email outreach campaign starts with finding the right people to reach out to. Here are some tools that should help you out. 

LinkedIn is more than just a social network in a business suit. It is one of the best sites to find people who may be interested in your content, like site owners, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. This is especially true if you opt to pay for its premium features that allow for very narrow searches that will help you find the right people to reach out to in your campaign.

  • Prospect.io

This tool automates prospecting from zero to email-ready contacts. It has features that practically make prospecting a lightning-fast process while producing a list of high-quality leads. Beyond that, Prospect.io can take your list straight to its own email marketing platform, allowing you to run your link building campaign right on this tool. It also lets you track statistics that tell you how well your campaign works.  

  • ContactOut

ContactOut can help you fill the gaps in your email outreach list by finding your prospects’ email addresses right on their LinkedIn profiles. It does so through a lightweight Chrome extension that connects to an extensive database of triple-verified email addresses and phone numbers. If it can’t find your prospect’s email address in its massive list, though, you can always use its search feature to scour the web for their possible email addresses. 

List hygiene

You don’t want your emails to bounce, and the key to this is to make sure that you have nothing less than verified contacts in your list. Validate your list with any of these tools

  • ZeroBounce

This tool takes out misspelled emails, spam traps, email addresses that aggressively mark emails as spam, emails that return hard bounces, and fake emails. ZeroBounce can seamlessly integrate with email providers, email services, and your site’s opt-in forms, making it very easy for you to keep bad emails at bay wherever you may source them. 

  • ClearOut

What ClearOut does is that it removes duplicates, invalid dots, sub accounts, and temporary email addresses. It also looks for and removes spam traps, hard bouncers, and email addresses in blacklisted domains. The tool also helps you find more leads through important data points in email addresses from your existing list.

  • NeverBounce

NeverBounce checks for syntax errors and duplicates when it cleans your list. It also makes sure that the domains in your list are live and not on any blacklist. The tool features instantaneous bounce analysis and integrates with major email marketing platforms. 

Email outreach

A good email outreach platform should serve as the core of your link building toolset. Here are three that you should try.

  • Yesware

Yesware is a plugin that you can use with your Gmail or Outlook clients. It has a mail merge feature that lets you send emails from Gmail or Outlook, but manages your responses in one location. It also enables you to send automatic follow-ups to your initial emails, which might help improve your conversion rate without so much effort. 

  • NinjaOutreach

This email outreach platform works great if you want to work with influencers. In fact, it is specifically built as a tool for influencer marketing. It lets you search for business profiles and find influencers that can best help increase your business’ reach and online presence. The tool can help you find their contact information and even allows you to run entire email campaigns. 

  • Mailshake

This straightforward email outreach tool can help you effectively manage your link building email outreach, although it is primarily built for marketing, recruitment, and sales. It lets you find prospects, make plans for your campaigns, and even automate email sending and follow-ups. On top of all these, the tool provides dynamic suggestions that can help you craft the best outreach email. 

Content creation

Content is king when establishing web authority and encouraging people to link back to your site. You can ramp up your content creation efforts with the following tools.

  • BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the best tool to get wind of what is being talked about in your niche. It basically shows you the trending topics in your community and insights into niche-specific content that are being shared across relevant social media channels. The tool can also help you find influencers who may be interested in your content and will gladly share your work in their far-reaching networks. 

  • Conversion.ai

Running into writer’s block is a common problem amongst content creators, and it does not help that finding the right words to continue your piece with can be quite a struggle. Conversion.ai uses an artificial intelligence program called Jarvis to solve this problem. Jarvis can help you develop unique article topics, create engaging intros and outros, and create comprehensible content from where you have left off. Imagine having a personal writing assistant at the far cheaper cost of a SaaS application. 

Spice up your content with images and graphics from Canva. Here, you can find stock images or put together graphics that will illustrate the points that you are trying to make in your article. It does not take much skill to use this tool to create graphic designs for your content, thanks to its many templates and design elements. This tool also lets you create videos and infographics that will make for content that your list might find worth sharing. 

Why invest in email outreach tools?

Email remains one of the best link-building tools out there, but you certainly need more than a cramped inbox when managing your campaign. A good set of tools will make link-building email outreach much easier and more efficient. You can start with a platform that can automate the process, then add a few more applications to fill in the gaps. In any case, make sure that your toolset covers your requirements and is well within your budget.

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