Email Scraping: Collect Emails for Cold Email Marketing & Lead Generation.

email scraping

Welcome to our email scraping ultimate guide.

If you have reached this page, then I am sure you started your online business and you are looking for some email lists to start your campaigns.

As a beginner you will not have a long list to send emails, so the cold campaigns are you way to go.

In this guide, we are going to show you more than 7 techniques you can use to collect emails for your cold marketing campaigns.

Cold Email Marketing Explained

Sending email marketing campaigns is a way to send your subscribers your services or products.

But when first beginning your business online, you might not have a lot of subscribers. This is way the way to go is start using cold email marketing campaigns.

Cold email marketing is sending emails to people who are not in your subscribers list. Instead, it is sending your emails to new targeted people promoting your services.

Watch below video to learn more about cold email marketing campaigns.

But now you will ask me, how am I going to get new emails to send them my cold marketing campaign?

This is why we are here to help.

Below are more than 7 techniques you can use to collect emails and start using them in your cold campaigns(email scraping).

Email Scraping Techniques

Let us begin our list for email scraping by starting with the most used website online: Google.

Google Email Scraping

Let's start for example on searching for emails who work in the digital marketing field.

Open Google, and start searching for emails that are involved in digital marketing. How? Just type “Digital Marketing” “” in the search bar. Note that the search we are using now is for google emails. Now google will display results about digital marketing.

email scraping with google

An important tip to follow: to get the most out of the searches, go to search setting and ensure you have the search results set to 100. This way you can get more results in the page.

Now copy all the data on the search page. Just press CTRL A on your keyboard and CTRL C. How to get the emails? Go to our free email extraction tool here.

Paste your results by pressing CTRL V in the Paste Text Here. You can see in our example we got 58 Emails for people who are interested in digital marketing. Just copy them and add them to your list! Nice!

email text extractor tool

Let's now move to a bit more complex example. Let's suppose you want to search for more mails not just google mail. Just type the same search but instead remove the quotes from digital marketing and add OR “” to your search term. This way Google gets you emails from both gmail and yahoo.

emails scraping

Also, you can you the same method to search from a specific area or specific sites. For example, this search (travel agent “” OR “” gets you both Gmail and Yahoo emails from Facebook site. Wonderful!

LinkedIn Email Scraping

We will open a website named This website allows you to generate a search query from google.

So our goal is to get the emails from LinkedIn, stay on its tab. Choose the county of the people you want to target and choose the job title. In our example we are going to search for “Digital Marketing Manager”.

Now press Find the right people on LinkedIn and the will generate a search query to run on Google.

search query

Now copy this URL and paste it in your browser. This will show you the results but without the emails of the people. To get the emails just add the mail's domain in the search bar.

email scraping

Now follow the Google email scraping technique we learned before. Just CTRL A, CTRL C and go to h-SuperTools email text extractor and paste your results to get the emails. Super easy!

Scraping Emails from Gmail

You must have received thousands of emails in your Gmail account. Especially if you have a service online and people are contacting you to your email.

So how to get all these emails that are contacting you and add them to the list of your cold emails? Here's how.

Go to you account and open google apps. In your apps, open google sheets. This is the same as excel sheet by made by google. Open a blank page.

Inside the sheet, go to add-ons and click on get add-ons. Search for email address extractor and install it.

email extractor in google sheets

After the installation, go to add-ons and you find the extractor there. Open it and click continue, then choose the folder you want to extract the emails from, which is inbox. Wait a bit, and the magic appears. Now you have additional set of emails to add them to your list! Wonderful.

Email extractor google spreadsheets

Scraping Business Emails

Now let's go to a more advanced technique, scraping emails of business accounts and companies. One way is to use a website called

Using this website, you can add the name and last name of the person you searching for, and add the domain of their company. will go and search the web for emails containing the combination you entered. For example, we want to search for Hasan Aboulhasan in The tool will search and will give us the results. And what is nice, is that the tool validates the email before providing it to you. Btw, you can read this article for an awesome way to validate emails.

Now you are going to tell me that you do not know the name of the person in the business you need to send an email to. There is always a solution. We can use the google scraping. Just go to a google page, type the domain you want to find any email in.

After that, copy all the data in the search results (CTRL A + CRTL C). Then go to our email extractor tool and paste the data. And voila, you have found an email to reach from this domain.

Email text extractor

It is worth to mention that you will not get a lot of emails using this technique. You are targeting specific businesses with specific domains and not Gmail, so these domains will have very few emails only.

Now let's talk about a way to target companies directly.

There are 2 ways to achieve this.

Let's suppose you want to target SEO companies, or whatever business you need to target.

Go to Google, and run your search.

Start going to the websites of these companies, and go to the contact us page.

You can either send them an email directly from the contact us page, or just get the email mentioned in the page and add it to your list! Very simple!

If you are bored from reading, you can watch below video that sums up all the techniques mentioned in this guide.

Manual Email Scraping

As we have mentioned before, you can use to search for a specific person inside a company. and another service called have another way you can search for emails.

For example, you can go to and collect all the emails related to a specific domain.

Just go to find emails and click on domain search. email scraping

Now let's suppose we need to search for all people who work in stripe for instance. Type the domain you need, and the service will give you all the emails in the specified domain. Same way you can use to find emails in the domains.

How to Send Cold Emails

To learn more about cold emails, you can enter our free Email Marketing Mastery course and find all you need about email marketing.

Also, if you need to build your own email marketing SMTP server and send unlimited emails, check out this awesome course!

I hope I have made everything clear in this article.

I will be waiting your replies in the comments section below! All the best!

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