What is EPL Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money With It

What is EPL Affiliate Marketing

Extra bucks don't hurt anyone, do they? In this age of the internet, people are using many ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is one of them. But it has a lot of types; one of them earns per lead (EPL) affiliate marketing. Advertisers and business owners call it pay-per-lead marketing. 

What is EPL affiliate marketing? How to make money with PPL marketing? You'll find answers to these questions and many others. I like this type of marketing because your readers don't necessarily need to offer their bucks. 

It's a non-cash conversion event because a lead may be an email or other demographic information. That's why it may be a fast method to make bucks online. However, you must avoid the risk of advertising the fraudulent deal. 

Let's get started with the basics first, and then we'll move on to solving these issues. 

What is EPL affiliate marketing?

EPL affiliate marketing promotes or markets someone's product and gets a commission per lead. The customers don't have to pay a single penny. The advertiser or business pays for leads only. 

EPL (Earn Per Lead) is also known as CPA (Cost Per Action) because you require some action from your audience to earn a commission. It's a model to promote a channel, website, course, or product and get people to sign up.

4 Steps to Make Money With EPL Affiliate Marketing:

With each signup, you earn a fraction of the amount. Sounds quite easy? But it's not! To earn money with this model of affiliate marketing business, you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Product
  2. Generate the Affiliate Link
  3. Sign Up for EPL Affiliate Marketing Program
  4. Offer the Value and Promote the Product

Now is the time to study these steps in detail. For that, you can watch my video or continue reading the post. 

Real-Life Example of How I Make Money with EPL Affiliate Marketing

All my articles and videos on my YouTube channel are based on real case studies and experiments. Let me share my earnings with EPL affiliate marketing for this month.

EPL Affiliate Marketing on Impact
EPL affiliate marketing on ShareASale

But forget about my earnings and focus on how you can make it. Let me tell you that it's challenging but practical as well. For example, if you promote Grammarly, you'll be paid $0.20 per free sign-up.

A similar AI tool to check your grammar on the fly is Ginger Software. It pays you half a dollar for free registration. As you can see there's no cash involved on the customer's end. SEMRush offers $10 per lead to their SaaS. Isn't it huge?

EPL Affiliate Marketing with SEMRush

You can choose any product you want. But in my case study, I've gone with the Grammarly affiliate program.

1. Choose the Right Product

The best thing about EPL is you don't have to sell a product; you will only need to generate leads. These leads can be in signups, form submissions, subscribers to newsletters, etc.

So, what product would be perfect for you? Consider the things below to find what you are comfortable in:

Follow Your Passion or Interest:

Keep in mind which niche your interest lies in or what type of blog, channel, or social media pages you own. Always go for the product linked to your blog posts, writing, and niche in general. Or else, you will have to make another blog solely for the affiliate target audience.

Monitor the Demand of the Product:

Our main goal is to earn money, but how can you promote a product if people don't know the name? So, let's not do that. Instead, choose a product that provides quality, solves a problem, or entertains the people.

The demand for the product is an important thing to consider. If people are not interested in your shared offer, they won't become the signups you are looking for.

Go for the Products That Align With Your Audience:

When selecting the affiliate program, make sure you know what your target audience is.

For example, your target audience would be bloggers, writers, students, or freelancers if you want to promote Grammarly

Note: The broader the target audience is, the broader your market and probability of making money.

Look at the Commission:

In the end, everything comes down to money. Search for a program that gives 20-30% of the share. Although you will work hard for promotion, downloads, or generating leads, all you need in the end are pennies to feel happy and treat yourself. 

2. Sign Up for EPL Affiliate Marketing Program

You need programs that offer EPL or PPL offers. But you need to carefully choose them. These programs usually offer many deals and how-to guides for you to get started. You organize your EPL affiliate marketing business on the fly with the programs.

What is EPL Affiliate Marketing

Choose from the Best EPL Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are a lot of programs out there in the world that offer EPL or PPL programs. The important thing to remember is that EPL or PPL programs vary in their ease of use and ability to generate results.

These are some of the top PPL affiliate marketing programs:

  • CJ
  • ShareASale
  • Grammarly
  • MaxBounty
  • PeerFly
  • CPATrend
  • ClickFunnels EPL Affiliate Program
  • Grammarly Affiliate Marketing
  • Paychex PPL Affiliate Program
  • National Debt Relief Program
  • IdentityIQ Affiliate Program
  • Acorns Affiliate Program
  • Buildium Affiliate Program
  • Hiscox Affiliate Program
  • Petplan Affiliate Program

Read Terms and Conditions of Those Programs

It's important to read those terms and follow the guidelines to ensure you're doing all that you're supposed to do. Otherwise, you could be in trouble.

Sign Up for The EPL Affiliate Marketing Program

Signing up for your favorite EPL affiliate marketing programs is easy. All you need is to go to the program's site and create an account there. Then, you may need to confirm your email address, and you're good to go.

Choose the Perfect Deal to Promote

When you are looking for EPL affiliate marketing programs, choose the right deal. There are tons of scammers in the world. And everyone is selling just about anything.

Be careful when choosing a product. And ensure that people already love it. Otherwise, it'll be devastating for you.

If you have chosen ShareASale

Choose per lead deals on shareasale
  • Go to merchants
  • Click on ‘Modify Search'
  • And choose ‘Per Lead (CPA)' deals

ShareASale will filter all the affiliate marketing programs that offer earnings per lead.

EPL Affiliate Marketing Programs

After joining a program, you need an affiliate link to track your sales and commissions.

You are one step away from making money online and fulfilling your dreams. After choosing the product or website, it's time for link generation. 

  1. First login to ShareAsale affiliate program  
  2. Find “merchants” and then “EPL programs.”

You will have a list of all the websites that provide EPL affiliate options. Select your products and then go to CJ affiliate networks. On this site:

  1. Search the “desired product” on the CJ network  
  2. Copy and save your affiliate links

Here you go, you own these affiliate links, and any leads generated by these links will give you some bucks.

Here's how you create your EPL affiliate link on ShareASale:

  • Sign in to your ShareASale account
  • Search for your favorite program (Grammarly in my case)
  • Click on ‘Get Links'
Get links on shareasale

And you'll find a lot of banners and links to them. But don't copy the links given right there. Instead, click on </> sign for getting the code.

  • Copy the link from the Ahrefs tag, as shown in the screenshot.
  • Save the link somewhere like on Notepad. This is your EPL affiliate link.

For Impact, you can go to ‘My Brands' in ‘Brands' and choose a brand. And then click on ‘Create a Link' to generate a link for you.

Marketing, promoting, or generating links is accessible only if you can grab attention and write a strong CTA. So, to ease you further, I have collected a list of ways to promote your affiliate links.

Do the Guest Post if You Don't Have a Blog. 

Some websites also offer free guest posts on their sites like Medium and Webostory. But there are also some websites with high domain authority that promote your article by taking a fee. If you don't have a blog or website, you should opt out of the guest post services.

Affiliate Marketing without a website

Also read: How to Promote Affiliate Links Without a Website.

Promoting the affiliate link on your website or blog is an ideal situation. You can target your audience to generate links and make money out of them.

It's easy to post as many blog posts as you want with a website. In addition, you can write informative articles that provide value to the customers to generate business for affiliate products.

Also read: How to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Links

Quick Tips to Write Content That Ranks:

  • Use informational and commercial intent articles
  • Write a review for the affiliated link 
  • Hyperlink the product as necessary
  • Use engaging photos, graphs, or tables

Quick Tips to Create Awesome Video for YouTube:

It is a great source to gain an audience, interaction and leads for your affiliate product. In addition, most YouTube channels have a significant influence on their subscribers. Thus their affiliate marketing is solid and impactful.

  • Make a fun, entertaining video
  • The short and precise content 
  • Take lead generation as a game or activity
  • Creative editing to enhance focus on product

Spread the Word on Social Media

Nearly every other person is addicted to their mobile phones, Instagram, or Facebook. You have to utilize their time, scrolling, and attention.

Thus, make online pages creative content, and gather an audience to promote EPL products. 

Also read: Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy

Quick Tips to Creating Social Media Content:

  • Use loud colors
  • Edit photos
  • Make engaging content 
  • Provides value to the audience 
  • Attach links in bio, comments, and swipe up

You can also generate income by spending a little on Google Ads by creating a Google account and then advertising the product you have chosen.

Google Ads Tutorial Choose the Campaign Type
Google Ads

For example, If you choose the EPL affiliate link for Grammarly, make a campaign and paste your affiliate link. Now, select your location, target audience, etc., to show them your link to generate signups and produce more bucks. 

Also read: Step-by-Step Guide to Running Quora Ads

Quick Tips for Ads:

  • Write a compelling ad copy
  • Select a broad target audience
  • Research on conversion keywords

For more, look at this affiliate marketing tutorial to see the practical example. There are tons of opportunities in EPL affiliate marketing, and you can make big bucks with it. 

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    Whether it is cost per action (CPA) or cost per lead, or generating a sales and getting a commission, the secret to being a successful affiliate marketer is to:

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  2. This is indeed a very wonderful article.
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    I think using paid ads can generate quick results and reduce stress. because the earnings are usually very small.
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