Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy: Target Your Followers

facebook ads retargeting strategy

Is there a plan to run an ultimate successful marketing ads campaign? Of course not. But how about running an ad campaign where you can target people who already know and trust you? Well, in this article, we are going to show you how to use a Facebook ads retargeting strategy to target the people who already follow you on Youtube. How? Read along!

What is Facebook Ads Retargeting?

Let's suppose you are trying to sell something, any product. Who is more likely to buy you product: People who already know your brand or people who haven't heard anything about you?

I will give you some time to answer. 3, 2, 1..

Of course, it is the people who already know your brand since they already know what you provide.

This is the same concept in running Facebook ads.

facebook ads retargeting

Facebook retargeting ads are one of the best features advertising provided by the platform. It allows you to reach people who are already familiar with what you offer and provide. This strategy gives your ad a great push.

But how to achieve this and what Facebook ads retargeting strategy should you use? We will come to this in a second.

But first, let us explain a small concept that we will need. A pixel.

Facebook Pixel


No, it is not the pixel you find in an image. Obviously.

A Facebook pixel is simply a piece of code you add to your website.

What does it do?

Well, it monitors people who are entering your website and saves their Facebook pages. You are now getting the point.

Anyone enters a website you have a Facebook pixel added to it, Facebook will know the profile of this user and will target him/her if you choose to run this in your ad campaign.

How to do this? Facebook provides you will a simple base code to install to your website header. You can get it when you go to your Facebook events data manager, and select the connect data sources option. Choose web, then Facebook provides you with something similar to the below. That's it.

facebook retargeting pixel

Ad in Action

Let's open Facebook business site to create an ad. Let's consider we want traffic.

facebook ad

After this, one of the most important things you need to consider is your audience.
of course, you can choose a default audience by picking the country, the demographics, the age group, behavior, etc…

But in this case, we do not want this.

Instead, we want to create our customer audience, which is why we create a new audience.

Let's see the options we have when creating a custom audience.

As you can see, there are multiple options you can use. But since we are talking about pixels, we pick a website.

One important notice: You should already have a website with a pixel implemented to be able to target the people who visit your website.

Let me show you our blog for example. Once we acquire the pixel from Facebook, we paste the pixel in our website as below.

facebook ads retargeting

Now anyone who enters our blog, even if they didn't subscribe or do anything inside the website, we already know that they entered and we can target them in our next ads campaign. This is nice ha?

Now that I have explained the concept of Facebook Ads retargeting, let me show you a new strategy we use to retarget the people who watched our YouTube videos.

Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy Using YouTube

Let's take a look at our pixels.

facebook pixels

You can see, one of our pixels is called YouTube visitors.

We surely cannot put a pixel in YouTube webpage, so how can we retarget those people?

This is very important to your ad. Those who watch your YouTube videos are very likely to purchase or click on any ad you publish. They already know you and trust your products.

Let me dive into this topic now and show you the trick.

The thing you need to use here, is a shortening URL service with a Facebook tracking option, like l-ink.me. Now I can hear the little voice in your head that is saying, look he is just writing this to market his SAAS app. Well, we are marketing it since it is a great tool, but you can create your own tool as we already show you how in the below video. We are here to help you succeed.

Let's check the links in our link shortener profile. By the way, if you want to learn more about the power of link shorteners and how you can benefit from them in your business online, read this full article.

Now back to our profile.

These are the links to other videos we add below any YouTube video you see on our channel. You can see they have thousands of clicks.

URL Shortener for Ads Retargeting on YouTube

You can notice that even though those links are other videos, we do not use YouTube links. This way we cannot track those who click the links and use this in our Facebook ads to retarget them. Instead, we are using our own URL shortening system, L-ink.me.

Btw, you can get an excellent deal for this service. We are offering a lifetime subscription for just 99$. This is much cheaper than running your own system if you want to use it for just yourself. You can check this deal on our services.

The system does not only track the number of clicks on each links.


You can implement a Facebook pixel inside it to save the profiles of all people who click those links.

tracking pixel

You can see, one of the options inside this URL shorteners is the tracking pixel.

What you do, is not copy the whole pixel inside the system, you just copy the tag of the pixel. Just copy the pixel on a notepad and get the tag or ID of the pixel.

pixel tag for retargeting

Once you add the pixel inside your profile, you can select which pixel you want to use for each short URL you create.

Just paste the long URL, scroll down, and choose the targeting pixel.

What will happen now, anyone who clicks on the link you added pixel to it, will be tracked by Facebook. You can then create a custom audience using the pixel you used inside your links.

Let's see another example how you can use this trick as well.

Facebook Ads retargeting Strategy: Bonus

We already know that we can track people who visit your website by adding the pixel in the website's header. But what if I want to monitor specific people who click on specific links inside my website?

How this benefits me?

Be prepared for an example.

Suppose you are promoting a service inside your blog articles. You want to know who of your visitors is interested in this service in specific. So instead of tracking through your website's pixel, you add a short link from your URL shortener and track only the people who press on this link.

In this way, you can target those specific people in any future ad campaigns when you have a similar service. Pretty sweet!

You can see all this inside this video.

Also, do not miss watching all the benefits of the URL shortening services for your online business in the video below. Trust me, you should use this service!


Facebook Ads retargeting is a great tool to boost your ad campaigns. But why not get the full capabilities of the retargeting? Why just suffice with the simple tricks that the retargeting gives us and not get full creative mode and use all the powers of this beast?

As I have showed you, you can use the retargeting inside YouTube. Also, you can use another strategy to target specific people who visit your website.

I hope you like the simple but valuable tricks we have provided you.

Now please unleash your creativity and let me know of the different strategies you use for your Facebook ads retargeting campaigns. What different methods do you choose? I will be waiting your creative ideas in the comments below.

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