Fiverr Gigs Ideas To Start Working From Home

One of the easiest and simplest methods to make money online is to work as a freelancer. Why? Because anyone can do it! It simply does not require any investment. You just need to publish your services for people to buy them. In this article, we will show you 3 Fiverr Gigs ideas you can start with even if you have no skills at all.

If you already have Gigs but no clients, watch our Freelancing Pro Series to learn how to drive traffic to your gigs and turn them into customers.

But if you are a beginner in freelancing and do not know where to start, then read on.

Freelancing is an important way to make money online. BTW, you can also read our 97 days action plan on how to start your online business.

We will be showing you how learning a simple skill in a couple of minutes can make you money.

You do not believe me?

Below is a screenshot sent by someone, showing us how following our techniques, he could reach seller level 1 on Fiverr and make 400$ as profit.

fiverr gigs

Encouraged? Let's Start.

Fiverr Gigs Ideas

Let us not waste time anymore and dig into our gigs. Nice rhyme Abdallah(Pats on back).

1-Instagram Posts Package

What do we mean by this?

Anyone running an online business should have social accounts. Instagram is one of these social accounts. But to keep the account alive, one must always post engaging posts to have some engagements from the followers and to provide them with some content.

To achieve this, they must post like at least 3-5 times on Instagram in a week.

If you visit our Instagram page, you can see we post many engaging and encouraging posts. You can see them below.

instagram posts fiverr gigs

The tool we use to create these posts is called Canva. It has all these designs, quotes, and much more. You can create a design that fits best for Instagram. There are a lot of campaigns ready to use, even in the free account.

As millions of Instagram pages need someone to create posts for them, you can use Canva to create these posts and earn money on Fiverr. Try to create a package of 30-40 posts and sell them.

Go now to Fiverr, check the gig called Instagram posts and check how much money you can make from it.

Since there is a lot of competition for this gig, we decided to give you a simple tip on how to power up this.

Power Your First Gig

You of course know about hashtags. If you don't, hashtags are a way of sending your posts to reach more people than just your followers.

Let's give an example. If you add a post about digital marketing, try to add a hashtag called “#digitalmarketing” or whatever hashtag related to your post. In this way, anyone searching for this specific word on Instagram will likely find your posts among the millions of other posts.

How can you use this?
What you can do is provide hashtags for each post you create in your package. Now you may ask me, where do I get the hashtags from? We are always here to help.

Go to and go to Instagram hashtag generator.

hashtag generator

This tool will generate a lot of hashtags, so you can use them with every post you create. This will make your gig stand out and provide additional content to whoever wants to hire you for your gig. What is awesome is that this tool is totally free!

When it comes to Gigs, always think outside the box. 

2-Video Captioning

The second gig of our Fiverr Gigs ideas we have on our list is very simple.

If you go right now to Fiverr and search for “YouTube captions,” you can find a lot of people already promoting their Gig of captioning videos.

One of the best methods to grow on YouTube is to provide videos in different languages so it would reach more people.

More than 300 hours of videos are posted on YouTube per minute!

Which is a lot! So you will definitely find someone out there looking for freelancers to caption their videos for different languages.

Not only you can caption YouTube videos, maybe someone running an online course has to caption their video. Their are a lot of videos you can caption online.

You will be the who translates the videos.

Now this idea will pop in your head: How will I translate videos? Maybe my english is not perfect! Why are we here? To HELP YOU!

Let's suppose you want to translate a video on YouTube. Copy the video's link.

Go to a website called

Paste the video URL in the website and press on Download.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the magic to take place then scroll down a bit to see the auto-translated files.

Note you will have two types of files, SRT(SubRip Subtitle) and TXT(Text). What is the difference?

If you run a YouTube channel, you are likely to know that there is an option for you to add a language when posting a video. This language is added as a subtitle, and you will require an SRT file to add to your video.

So if your gig is related to YouTube videos, then the file you need to download is the SRT.

fiverr gigs ideas
Simple but additional work is needed.

You may ask if it is this easy, why would anyone need to hire someone to do it?

You are right! The thing is that in downsub, the translation is done by automated services. Though these services are providing somehow accurate translation, they must have some mistakes.

And since it is a different language from the video, then the video owner might not understand this language to fix the mistakes.

Your job here is to take the SRT file, open it, and fix the mistakes that may be present inside it. So make sure you are translating to a language you are fluent in, like your own language!

After this, provide the client with the correct SRT file! That's it!

3- Service Dropshipping

No you are not shipping any product.

You may be familiar with the dropshipping term in online business, which is reselling a product, like maybe from Amazon or AliExpress.

The idea here is somehow similar. But instead of reselling physical products, you will be reselling services.

Let me give you a small example.

Go to Fiverr again, and type “Article rewrite”. You will find a lot of people already using this gig to rewrite articles for possible clients. There are a lot of people who have blogs and ideas, but do not have the time to turn these ideas to content.

What they do is that they hire someone to write their articles for them.

I know, you might tell me, I am not good at writing articles. We are not asking you to write articles. Confused yet?

We already said it is a dropshipping service. So you will just resell the service.

Go to a website called, and go to rewrite content. This is a trusted website.

fiverr gig ideas dropshipping

What you will do is order a rewrite content service from this website, and sell it on your gig. Of course, you will buy the service after you get the client on Fiverr.

You will do nothing in the process, just make money!

Download This Article As a PDF.

Fiverr Gigs Ideas (Bonus)

Here we want to give you something outside the box.

Remember when we told you to build your own SAAS service by following this article? If you haven't read it, check it out.

What we are talking about here is something we do in our own business.


One of our own SAAS services that we sell online is If you want to learn more about this useful online tool, read more about it here.

Let's get back to our main point.

This is a SAAS service that requires a monthly subscription. What you can do instead is do what we also do. You can check our services where we sell lifetime access for this awesome tool and other services that we build.


You can do exactly the same, but instead of posting it on your own website, post it as a Gig on Fiverr.

We also have other SAAS services such as H-analytics, H-socialproof, Bio-URL, but these are still in the Beta phase that we are not selling at the moment. Just giving them as gifts for our students or as giveaways.

If you want to build your own SAAS service, like the ones we have, make sure to follow our article on how to build your own SAAS service.

It does not require any development or coding skills; you just need to buy a ready script from codecanyon and publish it on your server. That's it. We have all the details in the article.

And if you want more info about how to start an online business with SAAS, make sure to check the below video.

Fiverr Gigs Ideas Important Notes

Of course, if you publish your gigs and wait for the orders, they will not happen.

This is why I advised you at the beginning of this article to watch the FreeLancing Pro Series, which explains all about how to get clients to your Gigs.

Moreover, we have a video on our Channel, which explains how to promote your Gigs. Make sure to check it out.

Another important thing is to not think that because these gigs are simple, business owners will do them themselves and not hire someone. No!

Business owners do not have all the time to do everything they need. Which is why they will surely hire someone to do these simple tasks.


As we always promise to provide ways you can use to make money in your online business, I hope you enjoyed this small article about new Fiverr gigs ideas you can implement in your freelancing career.

These gigs are very simple and do not require a lots of work.

Fiver Gigs Ideas recap:

1-Instagram Posts Package

2-Video Captioning

3- Service Dropshipping

Bonus: SAAS As A Gig

I hope you enjoyed this article and benefitted from it. Make sure to give me some ideas of the things you want to learn more about in the comments section below. We will test and provide you with the best approaches.

Make sure to always follow us and stay tuned for more to come.

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  1. This was wonderful and educative thank you Hassan , on your SAAS , help me illustrate for me which exact user name do you wed us subscribers to use ie existing social media name . Do you need our social media names or ?
    Some clarification please. Thank you

  2. Great article, lots of very good information. But don’t forget about the potential to make money from Fiverr as an affiliate, not a seller.

    I’m sure you’ve seen some of the “I paid Fiverr to” videos on YouTube, where they hired someone to do a job and then make a video about it. Some of those videos are making very good money. Just something worth considering. Thanks Abdallah

  3. Hi sir human ! I can’t verify my phone number on Fiverr.I’m not getting any code on SMS nor any call?pls help me sir.I also contact to Fiverr supports and they say they have fixed my problem but still its the same I can’t publish my gigs ???? pls help me sir ????