Lead magnet concept in email marketing to grow your business

What is email marketing?

You haven’t gotten into why email marketing is so very important for your business. Let’s talk about that now.

Despite the rise of social media and unsolicited spam email (which is never a good marketing strategy, by the way), email remains the most effective way to nurture leads and boost customer loyalty.

There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your top priorities. So here are some of the top 3 points :

1. Email is the communication channel

2. You own your list

3. Email just converts better [ Email marketing has an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400%. That’s huge! ]

How to get started with email marketing?


  • You start with your list:  you can begin building your email list, and even begin reaching out to leads, while keeping your leads stored safely in Get Response. Then, when you’re ready…

  •  You add an email service provider:   There are a ton of them out there, but take the guesswork out and make it really easy to choose the right one for you and your goals.


How to grow Your Email List?

To grow your email list, you need to attract people with a compelling offer. You need a lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something awesome that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to create; most lead magnets are digital materials like PDFs, MP3 audio files, or videos that you can create yourself at minimal or no cost.

It can be absolutely anything you want, so long as it provides value to your visitors for free.

Some popular lead magnet examples are:

  • ebooks

  • A cheat sheet of tips or resources

  • White papers or case studies

  • A webinar

  • Free trials or samples

  • A free quote or consultation

  • Quizzes or a self-assessment

  • A coupon

The possibilities are endless!

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

You already know that a lead magnet needs to provide value for free. But if you want your lead magnet to be highly effective, here are some 5 criteria for you to consider:

1. Easily consumed: Lead magnets are only effective when the audience uses them, so if you deliver a 300-page manifesto, you won’t gain attraction.

2. Actionable: Lead magnets need to provide an actionable tool, skillset, or useful information that your audience can apply.

3. Creates noticeable improvement: People continue to buy products and services if they work well. Your lead magnet will become successful if it’s as valuable as your products and services.

4. Relevant: If you’ve done your homework about your prospects, you’ll have no trouble coming up with a lead magnet subject that solves problems.

5. Immediately available: People love instant gratification. So give it to them right then and there.

Choosing an Email Marketing Service:

Before you can email anyone, you need their permission. If you started with a  Get response , you got that permission, so hurry up! This is what makes Get response email marketing great. 


People who don’t response specifically to your email list are not the people who will buy from you. Emailing them anything at all would be a complete waste of your time and money.


December 26, 2020


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