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Can I have some help with AdPlexity

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Dear Friends,

I saw our Mentor Hasan's youtube video about AdPlexity,
but please can someone help me out that are there any cheaper versio for ads spy
or anything with I can make that much income to join that site ?
I just mean I think I need invest in google ads too so without job really hard to catch that much money.

Or Can anyone help me with something that I can duplicating
and I can earn a little income to get some help for start growing up a bit.

(of course I'm learning a lot of all youtube videos, I'm trying Fiverr, Saas business too and lot of affiliate but with affiliate I can't get anything atm and so on my way but I have some cash only from fiverr like $16 and 1 month ago $20) with Saas I made only link shortener but can't really get traffic on it or so I'm trying postin on lot of social medias but still so hard to get people intrest and trust.

Sorry for long
so long story short I would like to get some more info or help with AdPlexity or I saw some others ads spy but all like $150-$300++ per month and not really money back guaranty (only like 1-2 days) and just wanted to get some help if I invest in it Can I make the monthly fee for it with that ?

Sorry for my english I hope something can be understand of it
and Thank You so much for any help
Best Regards

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2021 5:26 am