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How does SEO really...
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How does SEO really generate traffic and benefit my content?

Mahmoud meklad
New Member

Creating SEO-friendly content or optimizing your website’s search engine visibility means your website would be easier to find. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you’re running; simply having a website, I will safely assume that your purpose behind it is to be found online.

Creating content with SEO in mind helps search engines understand the relevancy of your website based on specific clues such as a keyword or a set of keywords and their frequency and distribution. For example, let’s assume your “blog” has an article on “growing exotic plants indoors,” naturally, your target audience would be someone who is interested in growing plants or gardening; search engines are smart but not intuitive, so it’s up to you to litter your article with clues like that would help search engines recommend your content to people who would benefit from reading them.

Topic starter Posted : 26/10/2021 3:19 pm