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List Unsubscribe Header For Maximum Inboxing

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Hello Hasan Sir,
I Have observed that the mails are reaching Inbox even when they are having more HTML content and Spam Keywords if the emails are having LIST UNSUBSCRIBE HEADER. After reading about this, I came to know it is one of the best practices to have list-unsubscribe link in the email header rather in the email body. I am receiving cold emails in which I observed is the emails which are containing list-unsubscribe header are reaching inbox and emails which don't have list-unsubscribe header are going to spam.
I think it helps in better in-boxing emails, Please correct me if I am wrong.
Sir, If it's true please make a tutorial on how to add list-unsubscribe header in Mailwizz and other applications
You are my true motivation to learn something new 🙂
Thank You, Sir,
Best Regards.
P.S:- I have observed when a cold email marketer is sending me emails from a very long time without list-unsubscribe header then, his emails are going into spam when he added list-unsubscribe header his emails started hitting my inbox.




Topic starter Posted : 30/01/2021 8:21 am
Hasan AboulHasan
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Hi friend, Thanks For your message.

This is not accurate, I never did this, and I have an 85-90% delivery rate.

anyway, I will try my best to create a tutorial about this. but I need to test if it really helps before.

Posted : 04/02/2021 3:28 pm
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Sorry Sir, I have come to know that mailwizz adds this header automatically. But ESP's like google only show the unsubscribe header only if we have a good reputation, But yes this is a good inboxing factor.

Thank you, sir,

Best Regards

Topic starter Posted : 04/02/2021 3:42 pm