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Making Money with Emails _ Email Marketing

Khadija Bazzi
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Have you ever considered email marketing as a way to make money online? Email marketing is important for building relationships with leads, current customers, and even past customers because it gives you a chance to connect with them directly.

Email marketing has a basic concept. All you have to do is send bulk emails to a specific group of people. Your goal will be getting traffic to your website/blog, increasing your sales, or simply promoting anything.

How does email marketing work?

In short, there are three main steps:

Step 1: Building your email list

You need to have an email list of targeted people to send emails to.

Step 2: Send Emails

Set up the email marketing service that you chose and prepare your email templates and start sending your email marketing campaigns.

Step 3: Analyze and Optimize

You need to study your campaigns and keep track of what’s happening (open rates, clicks, conversion rates…). This will help you understand what’s working for you and fix what is not.


Topic starter Posted : 17/09/2021 5:07 pm