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10 Sites to learn Excel for free

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Posted by: @muhammad-aown
Posted by: @batoolabbas
Posted by: @retrocanvas

Are you a data analyst or do you have a project that needs you to analyze data with excel?

Then try using these tools:

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

2. Excel Exposure

3. Chandoo

4. Excel Central

5. Contextures

6. Excel Hero b.

7. Mr. Excel

8. Improve Your Excel

9. Excel Easy

10. Excel Jet

You should have added the prominent feature of each so that the user would know which to select and when.  

So actually this a good suggestion and also he should have added more information so people can know what functions they have but it also would have took him alot of time, so better atleast he shared mini article with us instead of not sharing anything.

As these are all related to the Excel, then the features will be regarding the calculation, data entry as the post also says of data analyst

Posted : 15/09/2021 1:08 am
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Posted by: @muhammad-aown
Posted by: @antoine-assaker

Hello brother, isn't a data analyst that professional who can like start searching about info about a person on the media, like to help the police or to know more about a person, for business inquiries or employment?

No brother, data analyst according to my information is a person who converts information from raw information like numbers into real information.

like  coding you mean?

Posted : 15/09/2021 8:34 am

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