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Syed Khizar Hayat
New Member



I'm your subscriber. I learned a lot from your channel.

I am selling services on Fiverr which I learned from you. I just wanna learn more services like email migration etc.

There is less competition on Fiverr so please start a series of gig creations like these services and teach us too.




Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2022 8:03 pm
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Hasan Aboul Hasan
Prominent Member

Hi friend, Thank you, I will try my best

Posted : 15/03/2022 10:44 pm
tasnim liked
New Member

Great, suggestion, I've hired on Fiverr, and Yes the more you know the more you can earn.

Posted : 06/04/2022 1:48 pm
Richard Brown
New Member

I thought many companies were more inclined to use the salesforce dashboard than Fiverr. Of course, I've already tried this app, but I haven't been able to appreciate it. I use a simpler and more convenient Revenuegrid to collect data for marketing campaigns. This integration allows me to collect information that will be useful to my company much more efficiently. I'm grateful to you for creating the application, but I still want to say that you still have a lot to learn. Using the example of the technology I've named, you can improve your project. Think about my words before you take offense at my criticism. Thanks for your attention.

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Posted : 15/04/2022 3:51 pm