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What is email marketing?

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Muhammad aown
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Posted by: @aanalytics95

How to get started with E-mail marketing business ?

So guy's did you know that every single investment of time in Email marketing you get in return to 10x to 15x%  profit ,

How to start?
Where to start ?
Everything you want to know asa a beginner?

             In this mini course I will cover E-mail Marketing strategies 


What is E-mail Marketing ?


      Lets make it simple , E-mail marketing is simply sending emails, a bulk of emails to specific people related to your niche, and your goal is to simply get traffic on your website or your blog or increase your sale or simply promote anything for your busines.


Now when it comes to sending E-mails and Email Marketing there are three types of Email marketers 

1st :- First are those people who send bulk emails over the internet promoting wrong affiliate links ,CPC links and so on  ,those are bulk bailors concerned as Spammers

2nd :- Second we have cold E-mail marketers , here we send E-mail to people who are not our subscriber's but we are not spamming them, so some how it is different than the first one ,we are sending targeted e-mail to specific people to open conversation with them so that we pomote later on something !

3rd :- The important one and main goal for email marketing...lets follow up and read 

How E-mail Marketing Works?

There are mainly three important steps 

STEP 1 :- Building your E-mail list 

First you should have list of e-mails to send messages and make sure they should be targeted to your niche ,of course you don't have to send e-mail promoting health products to people who are investing in digital products or services! Building E-mails*You have to build you E-mail list.

You can build you E-mail list from simply going to this E-mail marketing systems or servers

*Advanced and easy systems for Digital marketing and Email marketing businesses:-
 Use clickfunnels

 Use sendinblue

Step 2 :- Setup and Sending E-mails

Here you have to setup the system or email marketing service's (listed above )

 you have to make a lists of emails of targeted people build your e-mail list   

And write down your e-mail templates or related information and start sending your E-mail Campaigns

In simple words you have to send e-mails to people who are interested in your product, your services and your content .

                - its obvious


Step 3 :- To analyse your campaign (important one)

Analyse your campaign, study  what's happening

How many people are opening your emails

*The open rate 

How many people are clicking 

*The clicking rate 

How many people are purchasing

*The purchasing rate

And so on , this way you can understand  

*what's working for you and what's not !

* So some how you can improve your self.



Brother can you tell me about that do people who send alot of spam emails to targeted people through, do they actually make some money by sending spam emails?

Posted : 11/09/2021 3:29 am
New Member

Well said! Email marketing plays an extremely important role. It helps you stay in touch with your customers, make sales efficiently and build relationships and loyalty. We often write on our SALESmanago blog about email marketing, for exemple ways on personalization your emails Smile I encourage to check out 😉 

Posted : 17/09/2021 1:19 pm

Waleed Shafiq
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@gok26 And he can use an email extractor extension to scrap emails from Google.

Posted : 27/12/2021 7:36 am
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