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Freelancer quote Template

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Waleed Shafiq
Prominent Member
Posted by: @retrocanvas
Posted by: @jaydollar
Posted by: @retrocanvas

Hi Name! 

I'm a {Graphic designer}, with over {3 years} experience, I can (design/fix your logo). I've previously worked on the exact same project for another employer. When do you need this finished by? I understand how (annoying/urgent) it is, and can get this (fixed) for you quickly! 

I understand your requirements and I'm free to start working ASAP.  Please see the samples of similar projects I’ve worked on https://blogspot.com

I look forward to working on this project with you. 

Thanks! {Name}

This template will convert visitors to your potential customers.

news. There are mountains of freelance jobs out there just waiting
for you. But sometimes, it’s not your skillset or even the availability of jobs that’s standing
in your way.

And sometimes they pay very low that's why they are high in numbers because nobody wants to work for a low price.

Posted : 29/11/2021 2:38 pm
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