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Hello Hassan, Hope you and your team are doing good.

I watched your video about publishing an SEO tool without coding skills so I had some questions to understand more how it can be properly made without errors.

1-Is it really true that You can make such website and have and full control on it or manage any type of these websites without any coding skills ? As It's known today you don't need that old background to start coding a website from scratch because there is so much themes that are already made, so What is the best programing languages do you suggest to start learning that can be used on the most WordPress themes and script (with some front and backend programing skills)? like HTML/HTML5 + PHP maybe C++ or C# 🤔 ?

By the way, you have explained how to create a VPS server and host the website into a hosting website and so on...(I think at least I should have a small programing background to upload the script or making some website coding changes and fixes).

I really appreciate your suggestions.

2-Is studying computer science important to go further with creating websites and PHP scripts, SAAS admin panels and professional blogs ? or you just need some small programing background ?

3-Do you think that affiliate marketing will die or became saturated on the market in the next decade as there is so much competition on everything today? 

4-Can affiliate succeed and make money with blogging just and without posting YouTube videos ?

5-Is Amazon FBA a good business model to start making money online, or affiliating retail product and services is better?

Thank You Hassan, really we appreciate your time that you are spending with us on the forum!

Topic starter Posted : 04/04/2021 11:10 pm
Hasan AboulHasan
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Hi Friend.

1. YES.

2. NO, you don't need to study computer science, study what you are planning to do exactly. if Wordpress, take a Wordpress course  and so on...

3. There is nothing called saturated. learn, take action, and you can do it.

4. YES

5. I don't have any in-depth case studies about these business models, so I don't have a clear answer.

You are welcome!

Posted : 06/04/2021 10:36 am
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@admin Thank You Hassan !

Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2021 12:16 pm