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Help me to decide a niche and making a clickbank account

Ajay Sonar
New Member

Hi , Hasan sir I'm Ajay from india , I have been following you since 6 months . 

I wanna vask you that , Is dog niche is good for affiliate marketing and also from adsense point of view please tell me , I want to clear you that I don't have laptop and money to invest in website so I'm going to buy just doing and I will host it in blogger , I'm interested in dog niche actually  but , I want to tell you that I haven't made a single penny till now just because of my poor thinking that I will earn money from day 1  , but now I am starting again it's my 6 time & I know I will be successful one day 😀 . 
I also participated in your giveaway if I would win then it will be cherry 🍒 on cake for me 😅 I will buy laptop from that money ,  for now please tell me should I make website in dog niche , I'm asking this because , I am unable to find any worthy affiliate program in dog niche , actually I found one but it's on clickbank and I unable to make my clickbank account , whenever I tried to make my clickbank account it always says disabled .
So , please help me to make my clickbank account or please make one for me if you can I will provide all info and I will be thankful for it , please sir 🙇‍♂️ help me , l hope you will definitely help me , you are my last hope.  

Your sincerely,
Ajay Sonar
Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2021 6:23 pm
Trusted Member

Hello brother, dog niche isn't something that will be making you a long term business, because people will visit your blog once, to buy something, and they won't even read a blog for their dog sake, so it is a bit messy, this niche in affiliate marketing is something that is a bit too hard to work, like if you insist you cn start a youtube channel like vlogging with your dog, or talking about dog, and refer people to your blog, these are the only effective ways like e-commerce website or organic traffic, I recommend sticking to some really trafficable niches like business and finance, sports, food...

Posted : 05/10/2021 7:30 am