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I need help to deploy PHP script

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Hello, please, I need your help. I’m deploying a PHP script [AtoZ SEO tools from CodeCanyon according to @Hassan video on Youtube] on my VPS hosting. I've done a large chunk of the work up to the point of connecting to my database from the website and logging in.

I've been following @Hassan on YouTube to implement everything step by step but got lost at the point of fixing the Maintenance mode 404 problem. The challenge is that I couldn't find the directory and the specific file that @Hassan edited under /etc/apache2. The /etc directory is there but the /apache2 directory and other associated directories and files isn't there.

I need help on how to fix the problem either in PuTTy or WinSCP so that I can have the maintenance mode working and then move on from there and continue setting up other things on the website.

Sadly, I acquired my VPS hosting from Namecheap and not Contabo. I completely forgot that @Hassan was recommending Contabo for VPS hosting and Namecheap for domain name in the YouTube video. I need steps to go about fixing this, please.

My OS is CentOS 8 with LAMP. My database is MariaDB.

Topic starter Posted : 24/10/2021 7:34 pm