Reply To: Port 25


Please Hassan try to understand my question

i stayed this courses via YouTube channel

in this video you told  that we have email client and then port and then smtp server and then ports and then client email box

email client ( gmail or outlook ) in my pc  we can use any ports 25 or 587 or 465 any ports we can use it no problem and then smtp server ports must me port 25 not another this right? so , my question is if ISP in my country block 25 in my pc So i can use any another ports like 465 oR 465 no problem so i will not need to go to vps to send my emails to smtp server but i have to go to vps ip for my domain in order to open port 25

finally my question to you in order to send emails i will not need to go Vps windows and i can use port 465  with  domain use ip Vps support port 25

and if i would like to use Vps windows in one case if i want to use it to Email Validation & Verification my emails list

This info is right or not ? why i do not need to us windows Vps because it is very slow in my pc and this problem or suggest me the best windows Vps fast in my windows 7

i waiting your feedback