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How to build Authority of your SAAS site (Moz DA 60+) in 7 days

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MOZ DA (Domain Authority) is a Moz-developed search engine ranking value that indicates how highly a site will rank in search engine results. Scores range from one to one hundred, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood of ranking.

If someone's SAAS site has a DA, 50+, it will rank high compared to other SAAS websites whose' DA is 10 or 20.

This means the higher you have DA, the higher you will rank.

Moz DA is much better than Ahrefs DR,

  • The benefit of MOZ DA.
    Build Trust with your visitors.
    Rank your SAAS site high.
    Get paid guest posts.
    And much more.

So how to increase your sites DA 60+.

Step #1.
Create Quality backlinks

Step #2.
Index them in Moz

Step #3.
Have patience and wait for up to 30 days, day see the magic.

Also, if you don't have patience, then contact me. I will increase DA 60+ to 70+ in just 7 days just for you guys 🙂


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Muhammad aown
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Brother but the authority of a SAAS like premium URL shortener depends on how much backlinks it has? Right brother and even Hassan's SAAS doesn't get alot of SEO traffic then I think my SAAS will get very little SEO traffic.

Posted : 15/09/2021 5:00 am

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@muhammad-aown hi bro, in a way, you are right, but if you increase your Moz DA, it may give you an idea of your site SEO, which means the good your SEO, the better will be your sites DA and will get you good ranking also

One more benefit of having high DA is people will contact you for the paid guest post. Means people will pay to place their article on your website.

So you can create your SAAS site and make a blog section in which you take the quality article from people around the world, and also you can charge them per article on your site.
Plus, you can add google ads in your guests posting blog section. So you earn from people for guest posts, get content for your site, and get paid to have quality articles on your sites, and with this, you can also add google ads.

If you think this is good, let me know. I will help you more.
Thank you.
Pawan Kumar

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