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What is an SMTP server in Email Marketing?

Maya Saleh
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Email marketing is not the easiest way to get traffic for your website, affiliate link or business, but it is definitely one of the most effective ones. In addition to being effective, it is not expensive if you are using your SMTP server. 

The word SMTP seem vague for beginners, but things will be easier by trying to understand the letters. 

The word SMTP means the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, while SMTP server means the application which the mail servers use to send an email and receive them. In other words, it is responsible for the sending and receiving process. 

The address of the SMTP email server must be set by the mail client. It may also be set by the application that the client is using. The format of the server usually looks like

Let's say you are using Gmail with the SMTP server, the address will be If you are using Twilio SendGrid’s, the address will be I guess you got the idea. 

Moreover, to find the address of your SMTP email server, look in the account. It may also be found in the settings section of your mail client.

When you decide to send someone an email using an SMTP server:

  • The SMTP server you use processes your email. 
  • It decides which server to send the message to. 
  • The SMTP server relays the message to that server(The inbox service provider of the recipient).
  •  It downloads your message and places it in his inbox.

This is how things go on simply. 

Is an SMTP server the same as a normal server?

The SMTP is just like other servers. It processes your email then send it to another server. 

What it has an additional feature that it is an application and not necessarily on a machine. The application is running continuously in anticipation of sending new mail. 

Why are SMTP servers important?

The SMTP server helps your email go to its destination. When you click the Send button, your email transforms into a string of code. This code will be sent to the SMTP server. 

When it gets the code, the server process it and pass on the message. However, if there is no SMTP server at this stage, there will be no processing of the message, and it will be gone in translation. 

Moreover, the SMTP server is important for your safety. It is the first guard that verifies that the outgoing email is sent from an active account. 

If the message can't be delivered, the email will be sent back to the SMTP sender which informs the sender about the possibility of having problems. The problem could be that the email is blocked by the server of the receiver or has the wrong email address. 





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Comparing costs of email marketing with other paid traffic methods, I'd say email marketing is way cheaper.

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