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Some suggestions for super email sender

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Hi hasan,

as an affiliate marketer i know that all the other freelancer need this :

1/auto suppression files option:

as you know every time you need to lunch an campaign  to an email list you need to clean the list from all the emails that the sponsor listed on the suppression file (list with all the emails that you need to remove / don't accept the traffic). so you need to add an option that give you the ability to add a suppression list to the app an it will automatically skip (not remove) any email exist on it from the email list that exist on the app.

=> so we will chose the email list and suppression list that we want to apply for the campaign.

2/emails for test list:

This options will help us faster the operation of testing the campaign before sending it to the subscribers, so instead of putting each time the email that you want to sent it the test we will upload a list full of emails that we will use for test, like that we will chose the right email to test it from the list.

3/Sending emails limit:

you know that the most smtp provider have limit on there's servers, so you need to add an option to the app that give you control of the amount of emails you want to send with the smtp for each campaign. for exp if i have an email list with 50k email and the smtp only sent 15k/day and i want to use only 10k on the campaign 1 (5k i will use it later on another campaign), i will insert the limit for the first server so the app will auto switch to the 2end server

4/full control header:

we can use an customized header to send our emails, with multiple tags like this one

Subject: __Subject
From: __From
Reply-to: <__Reply-To>
To: __To
Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii;
Content-Disposition: inline
Date: __smtpDate

5/auto test option:

this option will give us an accurate result of the amount of the emails that ends on the inbox or spam folder. how? you need to configure the app to send a test email to the selected test email each 100 or 500 or 1000 ( the nbrs will be customized so we can chose the interval between each test) email processed. and like this we will know where the system start to send email to spam and we can stop it and fix the subject or the letter body.

if you need more details please contact me back on

Topic starter Posted : 05/02/2021 4:55 pm
Hasan AboulHasan
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Thank you for the suggestions, I saved all, and I will consider in the next versions.

Posted : 09/02/2021 8:21 pm