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I would suggest you to Create an App

Awais Ali
New Member

Hi Hassan, I would love to suggest you to create a professional app where we can discuss all these questions or whatever we are currently doing on web. It's not easy to use web version with android and not every time we have our pc/laptop with us. 


Also please increase the limit of Ai content Generator.

Topic starter Posted : 20/03/2022 6:59 am
Hasan Aboul Hasan
Prominent Member

It is on my schedule, its not that simple, I am trying my best Smile

Posted : 20/03/2022 7:50 pm
Ghulam Mustafa
Active Member

There must be an Andriod app of h-supertools.

But if you are talking about Forum, it would not be easy to make an android app for H-educate.

Ideally, if it is possible, then make it.

And many people here are using PC or laptops. Bcz the most people here are free-lancers, bloggers, etc. So they have a PC.

Posted : 21/03/2022 10:22 am